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  • nice talkin to u sis...........inshaAllah we'll have alot moe covos,
    kiss and hugies
    my name is ubah lol
    i bet i didnt tell u that <shy>
    wa Alaikum salaam dear sis,
    aaaaww thanks, yea I am not on there much..............
    if i go there I wont shut up lol
    but I will be there soon jst to have a talk with u:)
    thanks for addin btw,:)
    You're stalking me now?! =D No, I wasn't sleeping, who said that? =D It was Saturday and Sunday, lol! You got mixed up. :D But anyway, all three of those days work with me, just this week we should make it today as I think I'll be going out tomorrow evening.

    :hearts: thank you so much for accepting my invitation.:SMILY139::shake::SMILY252: jazaakallah khair.love you
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