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  • sis this is hope:D:D:D!!!!
    see her now:lol:

    you know you are pretty lucy for me i just went around checking for my account and here:eek: i got a new password:p:p

    :lol:you are my good luck charm now:SMILY27:
    wa alaikum salam

    everything is hard in practice sister, Like in practice its really hard to control your anger but you can build up the patience to control it, thats how you should start, im not sure wat country you are from, but try to volunteer in a hospital, work with people that have disability, orphans etc etc, when you put urself to their scale you realize how blessed they are, here we are asking for this and that and they might just be asking for something we have in abundance like food.
    1 more thing dont look up to the people that have everything cuz sometimes i think what a great trial Allah (swt) has put them by giving them everything, cuz they become so busy with life, they dont even have time to list their problems or worries infront of Allah (swt), so SubhanAllah sis, Allah (swt) knows alot better than us so lets be happy :) inshallah taala.

    aslam o alaikum wa rahmatuAllahi wa barakatuhu
    aslam o aliakum wr wb,
    happiness is something we all desire, its hard to find , you gotto squeeze it out... there is a line which i got it from a movie yea i know not the greatest source but its something deep , the actor said, You gotto enjoy the little things in life.
    What we all look for is big happiness like marriage, car and all those things you listed but those will come in time with patience and perseverance but those are kinda things that happen once in life :) so i think u really should just smile about little things like this stupid vm that i just wrote with probably many grammatical and spelling mistakes hehe.

    Just keep the love of Allah (swt) always in ur mind and take everything you got as a gift like that breathe that i am taking while writing that and you are taking while reading.

    Hope my vm will help you look at things from diff angles and appreciate things.

    walaikum salam
    ur brother in Islam :)
    wa allaicumu salam wa raahmatullah wa baraktuhu my sweet sister Safiya.

    How are you?? And your family?? I pray everything is well in your life dear sister. For the sake of Allah, it gives a loot happiness to my heart that my words were support for you,and Muslims are helpers and supports to each other always, especialy if they are passing trough some hardships. Alhamdulillah, my words are from heart and I only said the truth, because I can understand your feelings dear sister. If you or me,or any of brothers and sisters make mistake or say something out of anger, we should advice each others on kind way, like our beloved Prophet Mohammed s.a.w.s done,and he was sent like a mercy to all mainkinds.

    You are always my sister in heart and by faith, :SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252:

    I love you for Allah sake, and I pray Allah keep you in high state of eman always.

    May Allah bless you

    take care

    Yeah I'm your only grandchild , so how can I forget you ? you have a special place in my heart among all of them here , you're the first one I knew and I'll never forget you -insh'aAllah- ^

    I'm fine al7amdulillah but busy as my granney ^_^

    Hopefully to see you soon :SMILY252:
    Assalamu Alaikom ,
    granneyyyyyy !! When I saw ur name I was like woow at last I found you
    I miss you my dear sister and my first one I knew here :hearts:

    How're you honey ? nasilin canim ? :)
    Asalamu alaikum, Schwester!! :) Wie geht es Ihnen? Glücklich Eid!! :hearts: Forgive me if there are any mistakes. :D
    aaaaaww so u thot of me:D

    me feels espicial:D:D:D:D
    i knw loads of us r busy these days:(
    school is on thats why......iam done wif my "break" too
    tmrw is school day and finals r on the corner
    make dua for me sis
    I am ok alhamdulillah:D
    missed many of ma sisters here tho:(
    I luv u too my dear ukhti:D
    and Allah hafiz nw n always!:D
    you are sooo kind ..
    I know you won't forget me bcz you are really nice and I will NEVER forget you bcz you are my beloved granney who I love so much :)

    And yeah I missed lessons with u , don't u want another one lol

    Take care sweetie
    wa alaikom assalam

    No , it doesn't seem you missed me :( you don't ask about me :( you didn't bring me Eid gifts :( :D

    but although every thing , I still LOVE my granney bcz she is a sweet granney ^_^

    hehe :p
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