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  • AlhamduliAllah, walahi, it makes me feeeel GREAT to hear that u r better! "hug" I am soo happy to hear that:D:D inshaAllah, Allah will accept your repentance, ameen to ur dua sweety, and dont feel shy:) i am ur sis, and between us, there is nothing to be shy abt:)
    JazakaAllah khairan for you deep wishes, I wish the same for my sis:) ameen to your dua and I ask Allah the same for you ukhti:D
    may the one for whose sake u LOVE me LOVE you dear.ameen
    I <3 you tooo for Allah's sake:D
    Assalamu Alaikum sweety:)
    hw hv u been lately?? is every thing gud and alright? hopingfor the best inshaAllah:):)
    dropped by to see hw my sweety is doing!
    Allah hafiz now and always:D
    wa alicom asalam.
    sister i am fine.i also very love u for the sake of Allah(s.w.a)jazakallah for ur kindness.May allah give u progress.Ameen
    The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Allah will ask on the Day of Judgment: ‘Where are those who loved each other for the sake of My glory? Today, - on a day when there is no shade but mine – I shall shade them with My shade.” [Sahîh Muslim (2566)]


    AishaAnastasia, Allah’s Servent, Asha88, ayesha_r, BinteShafi, hayat yahya, iraqishealing, islamisthesolution, Joanna-Aisha, Living Soul, lostlilly07, Mesbah, Muslim18, muthmainnah, naiad, Palestine, path to jannah, prosperous, ruki4eva, safiya58, ServantofAllah, ShyHijabi, soeurette, stiks, Summer03, Tree2008, zahrany, Zaynab123

    I LOVE YOU *ALL* FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH!..and He (swt) is my witness!

    P.S. to the sisters who contacted me and I didn't reply or was late in doing so..I extend to you my utmost apologies for my impoliteness...please pardon your sister..
    BIG hug to u too:D we're glad to have u as well:D
    inshaAllah, all will be fine!
    luv,hug,and mwaas
    Allah hafiz now and always:D
    ps.keep us updated ishaAllah ta'ala
    Assalaamu Alaikum dear sister:D
    inshaAllah, this whole thing will come to an end, there are lots of ppl that are haunted by their past sins. but remember Allah is Ghafur raheem,and HE luvs those who REPENT to HIM alone:D dear sister, iam pretty sure this is jst one of Shaytaans tricks and with imaan and complete trust in our RAB u will come to pass...I LUV U:D
    Allah hafiz now and always ukhti:D
    Assalamo Alaikom Wr Wb sister :)

    On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him), who said that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

    “The gates of Paradise will be opened on Mondays and on Thursdays, and every servant [of Allah] who associates nothing with Allah will be forgiven, except for the man who has a grudge against his brother. [About them] it will be said: ‘Delay these two until they are reconciled; delay these two until they are reconciled.’”

    [Muslim, Abu Dawood, and Malik]

    Wa Alaikom Assalam Wr Wb
    Safiya, my lovely little SISTER, May ALLAH belss your days, how are you, gooooood to hear from you , sorry i was hamdoillah buzy, still ,, hahaha, can not wait to have you with me in Umarh next time, inshaALLAH
    Respected sister, Are you from Palestine?
    I am a sister from South Africa and would love to keep in contact with you. Were all extremely distressed with what's happening there at the moment.We make dua for the people of Palestine everyday.Allah grant them victory,ameen
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