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    Seen any Muslim TV Series and Dramas?

    :salam: I'm an Asian and I used to watch a seriel on an Indian channel. It's not really an Islamic series I guess, I'm not sure what to call it actually. The casts played as Muslim characters in the seriel and it was based on a Muslim family. We used to watch it regularly back then.
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    A lot has changed...

    Welcome back brother! Well do you mind sharing the reason for coming back with us brother? Just curious :rolleyes:
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    MaShaAllah! Beauty of My Allah.

    SubhanAllah I'm so amazed! :rolleyes: If this world is so beautiful then how Jannah would be?! JazakAllahu khair for sharing these wonderful pics with us! :)
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    Photo First Day of Ramadan In Dhaka.

    Haha well actually khichuri, always seen it written like khichdi :P And yeah I love it too! :D
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    Photo First Day of Ramadan In Dhaka.

    We Sylhetis make khichdi for iftar. I think Dhakaiya people should try to have a bit healthy food in Iftaar. :)
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    Serious i broke ny fast

    Ask for forgiveness to Allah subhana wa ta'la sister. And you will have to feed some poor people as a compensation and do some nafl salah. May Allah forgive you and give you the ability to keep all the remaining fasts, ameen!
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    treatng headache

    Inhale and exhale deeply brother. Put some water on your head, splash water on face and sit under a fan or somewhere cool. This should remove your headache. This is no Sunnah way of reducing it, just from my personal experience. :)
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    TurnToIslam If you want to [email protected]

    Short people are more likely to live longer than tall people.
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    TurnToIslam If you want to [email protected]

    I'm a Chronophobic then :dejection: lol JazakAllahu khair sister, that's a new word I've learnt today, alhumdulillah!
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    Islamic Baby Names

    I have no idea with that sis, but I have seen a lot of people are named after their father name.
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    Islamic Baby Names

    Yes sis we like Ahyan a lot, but we wanted to add his fathers' name as his father's name is Abdul Wadud. Sis could you tell me if it's permissible to put Muhammad after a name? We would go with that then... JazakAllahu khair for your answer sis :)
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    Islamic Baby Names

    Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters! Can anyone please help me out with this? Is it permissible to put Abdul before a name that is not Allah's name? Like if we want to keep a name as Abdul Ahyan. I know Abdul means servant and Ahyan means Gift of God. I just wanted to know if Abdul can be put...
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    TurnToIslam Do you Really know, How a Revert live His/Her life?

    JazakaAllahu Khair for putting this matter forward brother. We should help them, by any possible way we can.
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    Boko Haram and Nigerian Girls

    They are just defaming Islam, nothing else! Where in Islam is it written to kidnap, rape, torture?? How can they possibly call themselves Muslims? Clearly people behind Boko Haram hate Islam, thus they are doing such acts to tarnish Islam. They are not from any religion, as no religion teaches...
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    IMAGES OF DHAKA- city of 14 million people

    May Allah shower His mercy on Dhaka, ameen! Never liked the crowd of Dhaka :( I'm from Sylhet by the way :)