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  • Not yet no!! I have hope inshaa allah tomorrow!!! I'm guessing no tracking number then?
    If that's what you think, then I only have 3 more days of waiting! YAY!!!! :D Did you get a tracking number for it?
    Wa alaikum el salam, sister!! Oh no, you went offline! :( Miss you!!!!! How are you today?
    Asalamu alaikum, LOL! No I still haven't gotten it yet. It's only been one day. Patience, Sarah! :p :D Hehehe. I'm giving it 7 days, if it's not here then.. I don't know what I'm going to do to them but they won't be very happy. Hehehehehehe. :D Joking. :D :D Love you, salam. xoxox
    I CAN'T WAIT!! Shouldn't be so hard waiting for 5-10 days to pass inshaa allah! :D Well so I hope haha. :D Yes of course you could send me money and I'll get your friend abbayas inshaa allah or anything else she needs! Just ask her what she'd exactly like for the abbaya, size, and everything and I'll go out to get them inshaa allah. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!! I SO WONDER WHAT IT IS. SOUNDS LIKE THE BEST GIFT EVER!!!! :D Love you so much. <333333333 PS. if it's not pink, I'm returning it back. :p Haha, I'm just kidding. :p Hehe. :D :D :D
    Asalamu alaikum, LOL!!!!!!! She was so excited she even forgot to remove the inventory control tag?!!!! LOL! Maybe she really does need my email after all, haha! I honestly wouldn't mind. :D So tell her if you see her again haha. :D GO AND GET IT REMOVED AND SEND IT ALREADY. I'm not shouting, I'm just excited. Well maybe.. just.. a little bit. :p MAIL IT!!! :p Lots of love, salam. xoxoxox
    Wa Alaykum Assalam

    Yeah things are clearing up for me and making much more sense, and Im starting to think positively now!! :)
    Oh I'm soooo soooo ooooooooooo excited to get it!! You better be mailing it right now!!! I'm 100% POSITIVE you were writing that VM while you were driving and now you've reached the post office haha! And I'll receive it tomorrow!!!! :D :D :D Dreaming, dreaming lol. Oh that is so funny about the girls in the store, you should have given them my email, I'd bribe them with gifts from Cairo and get doing Dawah to them in return haha. :D THANK YOU SO MUCH, SARAH!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to get it and I already love it!!!! :hearts: I'll talk to you on Eid, surely we can't miss each other then inshaa allah (since you have thanksgiving during the same time, I think)!!!! Love you so much!!!! :hearts:
    lol, I feel you sister! Do you have Eid break? It's in two weeks inshaa allah!!
    Asalamu alaikum. I don't accept this. Please don't spend so much time and effort thinking about it. This is what a want, and you better get me what I want or else you won't be very happy. I want....., I want...........: a 1 dollar pink pen, thank you very much! Lol, but honestly please, stop. You know I'll love anything from you.
    I found something for you today:
    It has lots of modest clothing links on the right. Plus, it's an EXCELLENT site altogether mashaa allah! Hope you find a shop that you like. xoxoxo
    و عليكم السلام
    don't be , actually it was regarding Arabic Grammar

    yeah if u need a help in Arabic I'm here just tell me
    Wa alaikum el salam! Tomorrow's weekend, so happy, I'll be finally freeeeeee inshaa allah! So glad you're seminar was good elhamdulela! Miss you too!! Talk to you very soon inshaa allah.
    I'm okey Al7amdulillah , very busy these days with school
    Remember me in ur Do'a please

    It'll be better if you say ( Jazaki Allah Khayeran ) it's a perfect sentence with khayran
    for a male you say ( Jazaka )

    Okey :)
    Assalamu Alaikom
    How are you orange girl ? :tongue:
    and how is every thing about Islam going with you ?
    I hope ALL are okey .

    I only wanted to drop my Salam to you
    I'm ur sister Fatima :)
    Asalamu alaikum, sis! Thank you for your kind wish. I wish the same for you too and better inshaa allah! Hope you have fun at the seminar! Let me know how it goes. ♥
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