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  • Wa alaikum el salam! LOL!! That was such a nice visitor message! I'm soooo glad you liked it elhamdulela!!!!! :hearts: Wow, it actually arrived pretty fast, I'm amazed!
    Wa alaikum el salam! YESSSSSSSS! Finally you're orange and I can post visitor messages, hehe. :D I actually thought as soon as I got the notification and before I read your message, that you were writing to tell me you got the package. False alarm, hehe. XD hope you're better now inshaa allah. xoxo
    no problemo sis:D
    thankssss, inshaAllah it served the purpose I wrote for:D
    may Allah make everythin easy for u as you struggle to get closer to HIM, may Allah put u amongst His beloved slaves, give you lots of patience in your journey, may Allah give you Jannah, and always keep u in the right path, may Allah protect ur soul and give you all that you ask of Him!ameen,ameen,ameen:D
    luv ya for Allah's sake, and I hope to meet you in JANNAH al firdous!ameeeeeeeeen
    you're one of the ppl i dedicate this to....., reverts struggle alot, I hope this will serve a guud reminder inshaAllah:D
    Ps: I also I added u as a friend:) hope it's aight with u,
    tc love u filAllah!
    huggiss n mwahhss!
    and and and :D:D:D:D:D
    I am the first to write on ur I feel honored or wat LOL
    soorryy if I am toooo aaamm aaaaamm wacko, iam jst exicited to write here:D:D:D:D:D:D
    okkkk iam out, but not too long;););)
    saalaaamu Alaikum my beloved sis!:D
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