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    how peaceful are you?

    i got 64% :) i think its pretty right. I am not that peacefull.. lol Here is what i got in result You are a very peaceful person. All is good in your world, no matter what's going on. Occasionally you let your problems get to you, but you generally remain upbeat. Your inner strength is...
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    brother sharingan : We can easily make our parents to accept wat we want. It just requires some courage. I admit sister palestine has a really good point of view Regarding pakistan, we have it now and we have to defend it,. Its a point of shamne for us that we are unable to enforce the...
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    Asalmu Aleikum

    thats great... congratulationsss!!!
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    A story of a marriage meeting

    such tests can be done after marriage and i dont think its an appropriate way to check any one.
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    I was thinking that we arent united which is the cause of our downfall and which has been the cause of our downfall. We dont think as a whole rather think for our individual benefit. We need to think about the people around ourselves. Those who are linked with us. Only then we can get our glory...
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    yeah every culture has its own properties. But it shudnt be a barrier and a dividing line between ummah. Usually guys dont get merry as they have to "bear" the burden on their shoulders . Perhaps we shud start a culture thread in which every one share the properties of the culture it...
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    err.. sister palestine: i hope we have the right to merry a handsome man/beautifull girl? Every man gets its equivalent girl in this world My sister herself is not pale white and she faced problems earlier on due to that i guess. We are still looking for her match. Im next after her ...
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    lol.. thats too much. I dont need money from her. I am stubborn to live on my own. Religion is the main thing to look for
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    sister palestine, marriage is really a big turn of human life and it needs to be decided very very carefully. If one doesnt merry a girl from other country, it doesnt mean nationalism. Difference of culture is sometimes harder to overcome. Language some times acts a barrier as you may have to...
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    Nothing going my way

    thanks for the prayers people
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    Nothing going my way

    people, i am through the tougher stage of life at the moment where every thing seems to be stuck. My Visa is stuck, my new job is stuck and im worried abt the current one as well. Nothing is going my way. Please remember me in ur prayers (despite of my bitter comments every now and then)
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    Drawn in to the beauty . . .

    welcome brother.. When will u develop the love of Prophet (SAW) in ur heart, all these things wll be easier for u rathern being forced upon u. Ask any scholar for these as they are pretty important in one's life.
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    Oh brothers, oh sisters where have gone?

    i really liked this one. Look at those lads, playing with RPGs as if they are playing cricket. ALLAH-o-akbar. May ALLAH bless them
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    autumn's leaving

    we will miss u sister autumn
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    Obama's Vice President: Joe Biden - "I am a Zionist"

    thanks for the translation waseem. I have put it on my msn :)