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    Marital Issues before Marriage!

    Dear sister, words are words ....actions speak louder then words. anyone can create a mountain with words but at the end the wind takes it away. Sheba
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    The arrival of Mahdi,Dajjal planet X

    Salam Aleyikum, Please Brothers and sisters watch this and tell me your opinion? Thanks, Sheba
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    sweet help Dear Sister, go to Victorias secret buy something beautiful to sleep in his favorite color, spray beautiful perfume all over, when he comes in have hot bath ready for him then have his favorite food by candlelight..... as he is eating perform a beautiful dance for him...
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    Feeling guilty for being sick

    :salam2: Thanks to all you brothers and sisters for insightful replys. I feel better in spirit .Hopefully soon... insha'Allah better in health also.
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    ¿Qué es prohibido y disgustado para el ayuno de uno?

    unfortunadamente :salam2: unfortunadamente esta vez sera impossible ayunar.....estoy y estado enferma los ultimos dos meses. Me siento muy mal y triste.
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    Feeling guilty for being sick

    :salam2: I been out of hospital in June and i am still weak and taking medication....however that did not stop me from fasting first 2 days.....i can no longer do it and was told i don't have considering my chronic illness. My problem is i feel guilty.
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    too old to sleep with dad

    :salam2::wasalam: Thanks for ur great advice it is not easy being landlord. I just want too make sure everything is clean and pure.
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    too old to sleep with dad

    :salam2: I am deeply concern regarding a divorce father who still sleeps with 9 yr. old daughter ,when picking up daughter at mothers house father is singing the same repetitious romantic song and he is constantly smelling daughters garments. what those Koran say about particular age to...
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    Hajj-Guide-Step by Step - Pictures

    What age should daughter stop sleeping in fathers bed? :salam2:, I am deeply concern regarding a little girl who is age 9 yrs old and still sleeps in bed with father....parents are divorce and in weekends she stays with father when little girl not around he sleeps with her teddy bear and...
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    IS Druze religion or cult?

    strange in wich way? please describe to me. thank you. Salam, Sheba
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    IS Druze religion or cult?

    Salam, was wondering if Druze is a religion cult or in actuality a branch of Islam? do not know hear different versions on topic totally confused.
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    was Maseeh-Dajjal present in Prophet's time?

    Salam, There is a monastery till this day in an Island in Greece in the top of a high mountain guarded by monks and forbidden to women ...That might just be the place where they have the beast.A "few" men whom have visited that place have came back with strange supernatural powers Rasputen of...
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    DISTURBING ME !!!!!!

    There should be no crime at all in countries that are blessed with plenty of fullness gifts from Allah to Everyone.....not just a few selected groups chosen by men.
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    When the end of the world comes..

    Thank you Ahmed for your see i am also still learning.
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    When the end of the world comes..

    when the end comes According to scientific believe we are soon to be encountering a shift in the rotation of earth which means the north will change to south and north to south ...... a counterclock rotation, the sun indeed will rise from the west as written in Koran....there is also an unkown...