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  • Assalamu alaykum dear brother!Juma mubarak May Allah bless your day Ameen!

    Your sister
    assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh ..Brother in islaam..
    Eid Mubarak, Taqabal Allaahu Minna wa Minkum !!
    assalamu alaykum i can confirm that ChecenMaga, is a brother, I have spoken to him. He is not a dangerous person, most of the time. inshaAllah.
    Wa 'alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh!


    PS: ansari, I'm a bro : )
    and aid mubarak
    may allah accept our good deeds and forgive our bad ones
    ya Allah free the muslim prisoners around the world
    Asalam alikum brother:D EID MUBARAK :)
    Wa 'alaykum assalaam. I answered you, but hey, I want to answer the salaam here too. Hehe.
    Asalamu alykum hey ehy Chechen brother you didn't write your biography on the on the list of moderators ? :)
    Salaamalaikum Bro :SMILY139:

    I had subscribed to your youtube channel a few days back as you had many wonderful playlists that I thought could benefit from:SMILY346:. But now with the new layout of youtube, I can't seem to locate them :(. Any ideas Akhi on how I could access them ?

    Jazakallah :D

    assaalamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuh

    Mukh Wu Ho?? :p

    ~Sa Kalasnikovy poolsh chaqq bella~ :D

    Taqabal Allaahuh minna wa minkum

    Eid Mubarek
    assalamu alaykum, waaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    haayyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *karate Chop*
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