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    Questions on Shariah Law

    I agree with the first two. But how can peace be maintained by force?
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    Glad to be in TTI after a year

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    BBC: White Men Converting to Islam

    It comes down to race. It just goes to show you that some people still harbor racist feelings.
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    What would you do?

    I can't believe someone can be that ignorant and say they are American. I sometimes think things like these are fake because I can't fathom someone being so ignorant and racist. It's a bit humorous sometimes.
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    Ruling of Images and image-making

    I still don't understand why though? Why would it be a grave sin for someone to draw? How is the act of drawing imitating the creation of Allah? No one goes drawing to compare it with humanity. I can reason that drawing religious figures is a sin as no one knows how they look like. But drawing a...
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    Video New Muslim Woman From Germany

    I always have a good feeling when watching convert videos. Don't what it is but I do like it.
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    Video Christian accepts Islam after challenging Zakir Naik - MUST SEE !!!

    Wow that is really surprising and good to hear. Good for him.
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    Earn a Palace in Jannah in approx. 2 Minutes !!!! + (PDF-Virtues of the Quran)

    Thank you for this. I need something to read on.
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    Wierd O.O

    Wish I knew what Illuminati was.
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    *Wake Up Call* The Scene In The Hereafter - Sheikh Muhammad Hussain Yaqoub *Eng Subs*

    Such a beautiful video this is. Thanks for sharing.
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    Muslim men looking for marriage ?

    I don't think I could adopt a child let alone raise one that is my own. But I think most would agree that raising a orphan is good thing which am sure many have. I just am not the case.
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    Joining the Website - New Members Information

    Sorry to post this here as I can see its the wrong section. But I can't seem to post a thread in the TTI section. It was a question I have been meaning to ask but I've forgotten to do so. Is this happening for others as well? Thanks.
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    Dreaming that I'm about to die and shaking, but being really scared?

    There's nothing to be scared of. It sounds like the normal case of sleep paralysis. I would suggest not taking as much naps during the day. Most if not all sleep paralysis ocur when one is trying to return to sleep after already been awake for small time. This usually ranges from 30 to and hour...
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    I'm new

    Welcome to the site. I hope you find it as beneficial as I have.
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    My friend wants to learn about Islam...

    I'm not the best person to answer this. But I think I recall that being said somewhere in the Quran but not in the way you just quoted. Then again I could be totally wrong. As for your question about not saying enough interesting things don't worry about it. You can't make someone be interested...