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  • Assalamu alaikum
    hey sis
    longg tim no hear
    how u doin ?
    hop u doin well
    take care sis
    wasalamu alaikum
    OMG!! i am soOoOoOoOoOoO sorrriiii :(
    i didnt see this reply :confused: im so blind.. man.. im so sorri please ukhtii ...
    pls accept my most sincere aplogies.. hope u didnt feel as tho i was ignoring u or sumthn.. Wallahi i didnt see this :(
    i feel really bad now :(

    and of course i dont mind sister! :D
    my name is Asmaa :)

    Alhumdulillah i am well too, just exam stress.. lol
    luvya sis, agen my apologies.. hope u cn forgive me inshaAllah :)

    Take care
    Wassalaam :)
    salaam Sumaya

    alhamdulilah studies are going well..just preparing for exams which are next month...:D
    remember me in your sincere du'as as i am surely in need of them ya ukhti...

    how are your studies going?? hope everything is going good inshaAllah :) :)
    take care *brotherly hug* lol

    wa'assalam ukhti :D :D

    alhamdulilah everything is are you and your family??
    take care *big* sis lol :D

    Aww.. sister Alhumdulillah im well :)
    How are you and family? InshaAllah everyone is oki

    Take care
    Assalamu alaikum Sumayya Baji!
    How are you doing?? ... I hope that you and your family are doing Great!!
    Is your work finished yet?? If not, then I pray that it gets finished soon so that you can finally relax in the summer holidays...:)

    With many duas,
    your sister Zainab
    Aslamu alaikum sumaya02 how are u?

    Just saying hello

    How are things with u? Family friends everyone?

    Everything is great alhamdulilah

    Well hear from u soon

    Salam Sister i am good but i seriously need dua ..plzzzzz why for what i will tell you later .....
    Wa alaykumus Salam dear sister.

    i am Alhamdulillah great ... just a little bit tired because of the exams!!,,, I hope that you and your family are alright as well... Jazakallah so much for asking
    May Allah bless you always.
    take care. and please remember me in your duas.
    :wasalam: sis..I'm doing great InshaALLAH...JazakALLAH khair for the good dua'. May ALLAH exhalted keep you also steadfast in eeman and in good health.
    So how is everything in your life going?
    Is there any kicking event going on, if so please let me know, cox I like to listen to cheerful stories.:p
    love you too sister,for the sake of ALLAH.
    Wa-alaykuma salaam

    Alhamdulilah i'm doing great sis and everything is great with. I hope you are doing great too. jazak Allahu khayra for saying salaam my dear Sis:hearts:

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