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    Muslim Names Game

    N= na'imah
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    Muslim Names Game

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    Muslim Names Game

    as salaam alaykum... bilal
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    Who is the leader of sunnis?

    as salaamu alaykum to all of y'all, with regards as to who is the leader of the sunni then it would be our beloved Prophet (saw) he left us with an example, a guidence that if we follow we will not stray bi'idnillahi ta'alaa... obviously the world we live in now aint the same subhanAllah but...
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    Shiaism Exposed!

    do sufi's even pray?
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    28th march tooting islamic centre

    south west london... buses that go there 155, 355 and 219 go there inshAllah.
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    Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahullaah) says: "There is no blame on the one who proclaims the way (madhdhab) of the Salaf, who attaches himself to it and refers to it. Rather, it is obligatory to accept that from him by unanimous agreement (Ittifaaq), because the way (madhdhab) of the Salaf is nothing but...
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    Shiaism Exposed!

    LATERRRRRR! subhanAllah, anyone can see that their ideology is seriously messed up...! ive come to know that most shia's are stubborn in their ways and have been brought up like that form a young age!
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    Too Ugly to Marry

    SubhanAllah... touching story wallah! barakAllahu feek for posting it
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    i heard that u can pray it up to 7 times on the same thing buh Allahu a'lam... can some one clarify this... jzk
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    Whos fasting today?

    as salaamu alaykum.... i'm fastin today