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    Ya Taybah (Full version)

    Does any one have the translation to this nasheed? Jazakallah Khair
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    is this really a nsheed by michael jackson?

    Subhaanaallah Brothers and Sisters This is not Micheal Jackson! This nasheed singer is Zain Bhikha. Micheal Jackson from what I know is making a comeback in music the non muslim way. So please brothers and sisters lets focus our efforts in what Allah swt would want us to. Salaam to you all.
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    Nasheed Ummati (( My Nation )) . By The Amazing Abd Al-Malek

    Very Beautiful and Very thought provoking Mashallah
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    Masjid Sahabah

    Mashaallah What a beatifu vidoe and recitor. May your efforts reach you in the ahkirah.[