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  • waAlaikum salaam dear sis!!

    aaaaaaaaww, sis HUG!
    I ask Allah to have mercy on u, to give u patience in times of adversity, to forgive u, to put u amongst those whom He loves! to ease all your pains, and to always protect u frm any kind of evil, ya Allah make things easy for sis Ummyasin!ameeen
    you're in my duas dear sis
    huggs, and mwaaaahss
    I LOVE so much for Allah's sake,
    'Allah tests those He love' if u r been tested, be assured that Allah wants u to get closer to HIM, accept that invetation with delight, and jannah will beur final abode! inshaAllah
    Assalamu Alaikum sis!!:D:D:D
    hoep u r doin wonderssssssssss!!
    jst thot i wud hit ur wall with a salaam!!
    tc sister!
    huuggs and mwaaaaaaaaaahss:D
    assalam 'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

    Alhamdhulillah we are fine too. JazakiAllahu khairan for asking.

    wassalam 'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
    assalam 'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh ukhti,

    Find an image that you want from internet and click to see it in its actual size on your browser. Copy the link. Then enter to the profile page of the person whom you want it to be sent. On the Visitors Message writing bar, you can see "Insert Image" icon on the right hand side of "bold", "colour changer", "underlineer" etc....

    Just click on it and paste the URL you have copied from your browser. (URL of the image.

    Then click "ok" and then post the message.

    Hope it helped. :)

    By the way, how are you and family sister? How did Ramadan went?

    wassalam 'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
    Assalamu Alaikum huun:D:D:D
    u very welcome:D to upload an image follow this:
    1. go to google and get the image link
    2. on this box...(the u'll be writin on) look above where is says " B I U put ur mose (spelled wrong LOL) to the yellowish thing,wen u put it it'll say "insert image"

    3. put the link but make sure to delete the htl// thing first!!
    4. hit POST
    5. tadaaaaaaa u got the image:D:D:D:D
    and aaaaawww, its nice of u to say *I love that you thought of me* ofcourse sis:D u are my sweet new sister:D so yes I'll think of u on goood tyms and share with u:D:D:D
    ameen to ur dua I ask Allah the same for u and the ummah:D
    Wa'alaykum salaam!

    Alhumdulillah ramadn is goin well :)
    yeh sure thing sis, its "cool gal" or sumthn innit? LOL i ahve like too many sisters from tti and i cnt member whos whos lol :D how typical of me hehe

    love to the kiddies pls! :D

    As-salaamu'alaykum!!!!!!!!! :D

    Long tym, 'sup sister?

    hows it going? hope ur well and ur having a smashing ramadan :D

    lots of love coming your way :D

    tc my love to the kiddies pls :D

    Wassalaam! :)
    Goodness!..I would have LOVED it to be a neighbor..the community here is small..and so sisters are lacking..*sigh*..and if I was your'll probably have to set aside a room for me in the house..cuz I'll be over so much!..LOL..anyway..I'll get to making that list right now..because yes..unfortunately..I did forget..I have a memory like that of a Goldfish and an attention span like that of a fruitfly!..that's what everyone tells me..that's why I have a million sticky notes on my mirror..closet..and sometimes even *the laptop!* of sad considering I'm only 23..I can't imagine how horrible it would be if I get to 70!..hehe..but wallahi you did the exact right thing by telling me to my face..*where's my list*..that's the only way I's like you know me a few minutes sis..and a list will be delivered right to ya! ;)

    lloOoooOoOoll... expecting some important PM's ;)

    u on msn ukhtii? :)
    i was talking to a sis from tti lloland i mistook her for u llol :D and shes like urm its not "ummyasiin" llol :D heeheh i felt so dumb llol :)

    nice to see u
    take care my lovely sis :)

    Wassalaam :D
    Assalamu Alaikum sis
    as u know..wont be here for awhile...but i'll try to msg u thru hotmail from tym to tym:D
    loveu filAlah
    take care:D
    you sister!!:D UBAH
    Sis dont cry pls,

    its for the best.
    inshaAllah if you get to speak to *peace92* then pls do so. she is my "sis" and we live together. so u can talk to me through herr llol
    As-salaamu'alaykum ukhtii! :D

    MashaAllah you have 3 kids?! Woooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooo :D:D:D
    Yiipppppeeeeeee Awwwwww i love kids man they are so darn cuteh man! :p

    mashaALlah i have 2 nephews and 1niece hehe :D

    So sis where are u from? :)

    Take care
    wassalaam1 :D
    As-salaamu'alaykum sweet sis llol :D

    hahahaahaha dont worri you'll get sued to this msging thing soon inshaALlah llol :D
    dont worry i used to do the same llol hehe *ssSshh*

    but thats just SO cute man.... just shows motherly love huh? :) MashaALlah :)
    I am so abd with kids llol.. i LOVE 'em but i duno like they just beat me up hehe and wack me in the eyes and what not man llol :D heheh

    do you have a girl or a boy sis? :)

    Take care of my urm neice/nephew llol :D and urslef! :D
    x x x

    Wassalaam! :D
    wa Alaikum salaam, lol its true, and its wierd most babies feet stop being smelled and kissed 1nce they began to walk, not this walking, running 2yr old. lol...long as no one sees im safe. salaams.

    hahahahahaha sis ur secret was hilarious! *pinned to the floor laffing*

    mashaAllah ur funnny

    take care
    wassalam! :D :D
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