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  • mashallah, I have learned the same way, however, I believe my issue mayb note taking and review so I tend to forgt details. shurkran for responding, and may Allah swt continue guideing us all in knowledge and understanding. Ameen,
    *2nd part*

    so Tawheed became the foundaiton of my learning..then I read into the seerah of Rasulullah (saaws) *in detail*..and read a bit into hadith (I need to do more on this still)..from there I began to read books on any topic of interest..or any topic mentioned to me which I don't know about (I still do this..I think it's the best method to learn)..and I also listened and watched lectures (even at the gym..and in my car) I pretty much prioritized my learning then used my interests and *lack of knowledge* to my advantage..that's pretty much it..I pray that Allah (swt) Grants you wisdom and knowledge in His deen and make amongst those who preach it to others so they may see His Light inshallah!

    wa alaikom assalam wa rahmato Allah wa barakatoh
    aawww ukhti..your kind words warmed my heart..but believe me compared to many my knowledge hasn't even reached a *level 1* (mashallah we have some very knowledgeable brothers and sisters in the ummah!) for my knowledge..I have not had any academic help in Islamic studies (though I wish I did :()..but I have learned on my own at home..I took advantage of the free libraries available online providing books of an ample number of topics (I also purchased a few..from Islamic online stores)..before I delved into the topics though..I made it a point to learn the fundamentals of Tawheed which helped *narrow* and *figure* out what information are correct and which are not because when I didn't learn that before anything I couldn't understand a lot of what I reading and I was reading *anything* I come across which is *very bad for the 'aqeedah* :(
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