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    Masjid - East Dulwich

    thanks brother
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    Masjid - East Dulwich

    wow.. no one from S.London
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    i thinks it also depends of school of thought..
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    Masjid - East Dulwich

    :salam2: Brother & Sister If any brothers or/and sisters live around East Dulwich so could you tell me please if there is a Masjid near by and a place where i can have food. Thanks in advance
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    Amazing , that in holy Qur'an !!!!

    :salam2: I think the answer pretty simple.. There are so many creatures on earth and our side earth and we do not have knowledge about them yet.. If u remembered the story of prophet Suleman PBUH and his invitition to entire creatures of earth.. I hope I am making sence. :D
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    Fly Air Janazah!

    SubhanAllaah Wonderfulll.... May Allah Guide us...
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    My Distress

    Brother I didn't get this.... May Allah Guide us
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    My Distress

    well it is true... but it me tell u something.. [excellent suggestions]... it takes time to settle down everything... Now they have some islamic channels to watch comparing nathing b4... There are many Darul Uloom.. where young, old, men and women can get their Islamic and other education...
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    you tube islam

    Salaam Alaykum There is another1 similar to utubeislam...
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    Advice to one who does not want to get married

    I make Dua to Allah SAW :salam2: How can u say u r a bad person.. Let Allah SAW Judge u.. He is most merciful.. Fear Allah SAW and ask for forgiveness.. May Allah SAW give u a pious Husband... Ameen May Allah SAW guide and protect all of us..
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    Free Islamic Softwares for Mobiles

    :salam2: Halal Food Guide for Mobile Phones Quran Reader for Mobile Phones Prophet (saw)'s Duas for Mobile Phones
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    this is the only clip i have seen without da music... but this is da nice 1 all their nasheed, same as other peoples nasheed has music in it....
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    :salam2: I understand ur problamo.. I used see them outside my local Masjid, but i saw one of them 200 yard away from the Masjid.. u r rite according to Law of this country she/he should be receiving benefit from her local council to survive... she don't need to beg.. unless u r drug addict...
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    :salam2: NON-MUSLIMS REFERRED AS ‘KAFIRS’ Question: Why do Muslims abuse non-Muslims by calling them ‘Kafirs’? Answer: ‘Kafir’ means one who rejects. ‘Kafir’ is derived from the word ‘kufr’, which means to conceal or to reject. In Islamic terminology, ‘Kafir’ means one who...
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    The changing of the kiswa of Kabaah.

    :salam2: I wish I could get full version of this video... Great 1... Thanks for sharing with us..