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    Marriage Advice Needed

    ASAK Bro, I just thought of giving you the pragmatic aspects of life as I feel like you need to be told. Please note that this is just my opinion from a brother to a brother with the limited understanding of your issue and very limited knowledge of islam. The very fact that you...
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    Marriage Advice Needed

    ASAK bro, Good to hear that you are trying your best to follow the deen of ALLAH SWT. I am suggesting this as i am older to you and i do understand where you come from. Marriage is not something like i saw a girl , i liked her and then i marry her. I am sorry to say that it is...
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    Blame Ourselves or Blame the Rulers

    Virtual Hug bro :)
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    Blame Ourselves or Blame the Rulers

    Subhanallah !!! I completely agree with you (except for the word "Bastards" :)) > Very well said Akhi. If you read the history , the way Salahuddin got back the Holy land, there was resistance from the rulers (especially from egypt) , then Salahuddin did kill him and appointed himself in that...
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    Salam my question is do you view secularism a secular state and the separation of religion and state

    Assalamu Alaikum I think the concept of separation of state from the religion originated from renaissance as the atrocities of the kings/rulers of the medieval period in Europe was in its peak. The clergy were puppets in the hands of rulers and they gave rulings only to support the atrocities...
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    Tips To Increase The Love Of The Quran By Sh.Yasir Qadhi

    Salaams :salam2: , Jazk for the reminder. May ALLAH SWT make Quran light of our heart. Ameen. :wasalam:
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    Question about circumcision?? Need help

    Keep it simple :salam2: , Sister i think you can explain them from medical perspective that it is good to circumcise the kid . Also tell your husband that if the kid grows up, it will be painful so it better to get it done when he is an infant. I am sure for the sake of the...
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    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un

    Inna lillahi inna ilaihi Rajioon. Inna Lillahi Inna ilaihi Raajioon. May ALLAH SWT grant her Jannatul Firdaus and give Sabr to the family. Ameen. :wasalam:
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    Khutbah(Speech) by Shiekh Ahmad Jibril Genocide, Murder, Beheading, Rape in our beloved Syria

    No words to describe the pain and suffering :salam2: It is a very sad situation that we are in now. We are so damn helpless while our brothers and sisters are suffering. I sometimes feel ..what is it that we can do now in this situation? How should i contribute to help...
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    Ignorant Syrians!

    interesting video :salam2: , One thing which i noticed is that brother talks about music ans stuff, but this video has a background music. Ofcourse i know that he did not make the video so but just an observation that the person who made this video has not watched it...
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    Parents – My Biggest Door to Jannah

    Thank you :salam2: , Jazakallah khair for posting this brother...Mashallah its a very beneficial post. :wasalam:
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    How Your Dua Will Be Accepted -Short Message

    Thank you for posting :salam2: , Jazakallah khair for posting this video. :wasalam:
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    A question about head scarf

    Thank you :salam2: , Jazakallah Khair for your answers. So i can safely conclude that it is not unislamic for a guy to see a girl without headscarf if the intention is for marriage. :wasalam:
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    A question about head scarf

    :salam2: , Can a guy who is talking to a girl with the intention of marriage see the girl without the headscarf ? if not in real can he see her without headscarf in the picture? :wasalam:
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    Three Absurd 'Miracles' Related By The Soofees

    Assalamu Alaikum :salam2: , With all due respect , i don't understand the intention of the post. I am sorry to say i found it gross and neither funny nor informative. In my opinion, had you not posted this , the number of people who would know this kind of stupidity would be...