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  • salam aleikum
    i feel better alhamdullilah, just my head hurted me so much...
    dear sister, here snow is melting, is water everywhere, spring is comming inchallah..i cant belive how time goes, faster each day...inchallah we should use our time to be better muslims :hearts: :SMILY126: :muslima:
    salam aleikum. oh i love so much scarfs, i wish go shopping with you once, inchallah
    i hade to go work, i stayed home in week-end when i felt even worse.
    hope your sister feels better inchallah
    salam aleikum, nice to hear from you my dear sister neibghour, honest :)
    it is green hijab, i love it, i try search for one like this, is not mine but i will buy one alike inchallah,
    i am very cold....stay all week-end in bed and now at work but my back hurts me and head and eyes...
    hope you are well, take care
    No I am not...

    I found a nice lecture that was in Urdu. The topic of the lecture was milad. I wanted to share it with you..
    salam aleikum, i am sure for you too dear sister neibghour, He will plan a bright future... even if i wont have in this life, i fight to have in the next ...if i may be sarcastic :confused: and say: maybe i wont have a long life this life :muslim_child:
    wa aleikum salam

    here is same dear sister, snow and cold ...but when i have other things to worry, out can be sun or blizzard, has less importancy...
    salam aleikum, seems that i have some account problems, i saw notification of a mesage from you but is not there.......
    thank you very much sister,I really need support in these days.your post made me happy;)
    yes,I'm italian by origin,in Italy it's difficult to live Islam in peace.halal food is not everywhere,and the mosque in my town it's a "forbidden" word.I live in an extraterrestrial place and I feel an alien among my similar.I prefer to spend the whole day at home,instead of going out,because I don't like what there is around.how you are fortunate!mashallah ,take care dear
    salam sister,how do you do?how is the tim in Istambul like?and how do you live Islam overthere?
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