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  • Assalaamu alaykum my lovely sis :)

    Ohh mashaAllah graphic design that’s greaaat!! Im bad at all that lolll so I just study sciences lol. InshaAllah next year I might be studying biopharmaceutical (is this how u say it?lol) or biochemistry. Allahu a'lam I have to do istikhaarah and inshaAllah I will see!!

    Aww u have a big family that’s superrrr cool mashaAllah! :D
    No I don’t really live near my family. Im actually here in montreal and my mum comes to say with me a few weeks and then goes to oman where my dad and 16-years-old sis are. I absoluuuuuuutely love oman but unfortunately :( I can't live there :( I miss it soooooo much though I lived there 1 year its unforgettable loll im mad for oman it’s a nice Islamic country actually ! mashaAllah
    lol im sure u can bake and cook sis lol ur just being humble. I think bakin and cookin are quite easy when u like that lol. I love it so I don’t find it much difficult lol. I remember 3-4 years ago I couldn’t even cook anything properly lol but I guess that the fact that I live alone helped me to learn cooking and all lol otherwise I would starve I don’t like processed foods that much so I never really buy frozen ones lolll. Even for the bread lol I make it most of the time I like homemade stuff loll.
    I love sushi toooo! But its been a loonng time I didn’t have it lol almost 2 years I think lol I shall have it soon inshaAllah.
    If you don't mind me asking sis, how did you come to islam??

    No no I don’t live in US lol but in Canada. You live in California?
    Awww youre so nice and amazing sis reading ur messages is a pleasure mashaAllah.
    Ameen to yours duas and may you succeed in duniya and akheerah.
    Take caaaare!!!
    Wa salamu alaykum
    Assalaamu alaykum dear sister!!
    Thank you sis lol…yasmine and jasmine are the same, it’s the flower lol.
    Jazaakillahu khayran sis. You're in my duas too inshaAllah.
    May Allah accept ours du'as and those of all the muslimeen.
    Ohh so youre in high school mashaAllah. How are you finding it? Do you know what you'll study at college inshaAllah?
    LOLLLLL yeah subhanaAllah kids grow up so fast. I have a little sister whos just turned 3 lolll but I think I already told you lol. I also have a sister whos 16. I don't live with them most of the time though. What about you sis? Do you other siblings?
    LOL how old is your nephew? awww lol i have a little sister whos 3 and i like annoying her :D :D
    hmmmm so you like baking? I LOOOOVE FOOOD! :D:D:D i love baking and cooking lol im always in the kitchen thats why im gaining so much weighhtt lolll. I usually bake cakes and muffins, sometimes cookies. I absoluuuuutely love sweet stuff lol
    What about you sis? You cook? you bake??

    Nice speaking to you too! JazaakiLlahu khayran for givin me the opportunity to talk to you ukhtiii!! AlhamduliLlah.

    Here its 11:24 now (im in montreal lol) loll i better sleep now inshaAllah im a bit tired because of the flu. InshaAllah i will write to you tomorrow!
    What time is it at your place?

    Take care my beloved sis
    InshaAllah have a good night and sweet dreams

    May Allah protect you!

    Wa salamu alaykum
    Assalaamu alaykumu wa rahmatuLlah ukhtiii! :)

    You must be eating now loll enjoy your meal and May Allah ta'aala give you its barakah!!
    LOOOOL mashaAllah you got a very nice name!! Mine is so boring LOLLL but alhamdulillah i like it its my grandfather rahimahuLlah who chose it so!

    The pleasure is all mine sis! And yes youre right, tti is so soooo addictive lol subhanaAllah i always come and check messages and threads and all lol sometimes i dont even do my homework lolllll

    JazaakiLlahu khayran ukhtii . And ameen to your du'as. May Allah bless you!
    I study sciences and im at college. InshaAllah next year (if i pass my exams LOL) im going to uni inshaAllah i hope so!! please make du;a for me
    May Allah help you in your affairs and make everything easier for you! YOu're in my duas sister!!
    Are you at college too?
    So mashaAllah it means you're vietnamese? Wow mashaAllah!
    i dont know if you went offline or not but if so then good night and have the sweetest of dreams inshaAllah

    I love you fiLlah

    wa salamm
    assalaamu alaykum ukhti hieuky!! I've never heard your name before, its beautiful mashaAllah, may I ask you what it means and whats its origins? If you don't mind me asking of course :) thank youu!!

    ameen to all your du'as ukhti. Wa anti min ahli ljaza'
    May Allah bless you abundantly and protect you always

    Yes its verrryyyy hard to have traditional parents. My mum isnt traditional really but my dad is mashaAllah! alhamduliLlah.

    Jazaakillah khayran for accepting my friend request! yeeeyy!! :D i feel honoured sis thank you for letting me get to know you!

    Yeees!! it's the weekend. But actually i have exams in 10 days inshaAllah so i guess i have to study lol...well inshaAllah thats if i feel better coz i got flu!! lol but alhamdulillah its not swine flu so im thankful to my Lord.
    What will you do this weekend inshaAllah??

    take care sister
    Assalaamu alaykum ya ukhti !!

    Ohhh thats greaat news mashaAllah im sooooooo happy to hear its better with your mum!! SubhanaAllah!!!!
    InshaAllah she will take you shopping and when she will see that you're sticking to islam and you're happy about it she'll be so happy for you bcoz you found your way!! InshaAllah!!

    InshaAllah you're in my du'as ukhti fiLlah!!
    Ameen to your du'as. Wa anti min ahli ljaza' (And you're from the people of the reward) and wa iyyaki sis may Allah give you all that and MORE!!
    Yessss intro time!! :D
    My name's Yasmine whats yours sister? what's hieukyyyyy? LOL (sorry :shymuslima1: )

    Take caaare
    wa salaammm
    can't wait to read your message siiis!!
    I love you fiLLah
    Assalaamu alaykum sis

    How are you doing? I hope its better with your mum and hijaab now! :)
    Take caree!!

    wa salammm
    Oh yessssss....ANYWAYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS..... I bought SUSHI :) Didn't buy california roll though but that is enough to satisfy my sushi craving. I want to eat soooooo many things subhnAllah! I will just grow sideways at the end of it.

    Some food combi that I love- caramel ice cream w coke (i think that is common), mocha with oreo cookies and blueberry pancakes with chocolate brownie ice cream topped with maple syrup.................... *drools* hehehe what's yours? :D
    Waalaykum salaam wrb ukhti,

    Haha you cracked me up today :) Winter just came and it is all wet and gloomy, quite depressing really.... and you made me smile today masyAllah may Allah bless you for that! :)

    Calvin sounds like a realllly adorable boy, wish I could just fly over and physically poke him! Lol.. he wouldn't mind right? Haha ok maybe he would. Do you play peek-a-bo with him? Or is he too old for that? Haha, it is no use playing peekabo with my niece because she will just do it and laugh to herself. I can't wait for my niece to be old enough and I can tease her like how you would with Calvin!!

    Soooo... grad soon eh? MasyaAllah, so fast don't you think? Time really fliessss man (woman), too fast.. The next thing I know, you'll be telling me about your wedding *haha* I hope we are still friends then insyaAllah... :)
    Waalaykum salaam sis!

    Sorry for the late reply :( Been caught up with school and all.. hope you dont mind!

    Anyway, now that your presentation is over- you can heave a sigh of relief eh? hehe.. so what's next? Do you have examinations coming up?

    Haha nothing new..just that this week for me because our assignments are being returned to us haha. I don;t want to see my results~ Anyway, please make dua for me so that I can get through my exams insyaAllah :) It has been a horrible semester because of the few difficult units I am doing noe blegh :(

    Can't wait to catch up with you soon sis! Poke your nephew for me lol..
    my lovely sister u pray for us.we really need duas.May allah also bless u and keep always happy.ameen
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