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  • salaam sis
    i'm good alhamdulillaha......
    i knw college work takes all the time
    hw u doin..........?
    take care sweety x x x
    Alhamdulilah i am okii.
    i dont know if i replied to your pm the other time, so sorry for that!! :)
    Everythings going just about well here.
    how about where you are, i hope everything inshAllah is good. aameen.
    love you for the sake of Allah. :)
    Salam sister hope your doing well just thought i would spread peace to you x
    wa alaykumu salam
    Assalamualykum, couldnt be bothered to pm you :p
    yeah so thanks for the last pm. So sweet of you, really.
    Hope you are okii
    asalaamu aleykum sis hw r u doin? hope ur in gud health and best of imaan
    passing by 2 say salaam
    take care
    Salam sis alhamdulilah everything is going well awww miss speaking to you too but inshallah we will speak soon iam just busy with college work at the moment xx
    asalaamu aleykum
    im gud sis alhamdulillah hope ur in best of health & emaan
    thnx 4 dropin by 2 say hi
    Asalamu alaykum
    nice format, i like it. thanx for the invite. :hearts: hope you are doing great...:)

    Asalamu alaykum
    Hey sister how are you doing??? TTI moving on up lool i like the new format this way i can leave you a message as i drop in hehehe
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