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    Mash allah! With out love there is no life or family :hearts:
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    I do Martial arts like kung fu tae won do and karate i am a black belt student i play every kind of sport i am really healthy but i dont play baseball. i am 12 yrs old i will be 13 in jan 14 2000 and i am also a 6th grader
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    Aapa I know a scholar which is my uncle his names is Abdul Minium Alamin he is scholar if you want to call him I will give you his number on monday
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    Salam What does ur marriage have to do with this And yes I am the best in Quran in the class I know till surah al hajj
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    Are u going to give prizes mrs aapa to give to. Us I will ask the class on mon
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    1) who are you 2) I am in the fifth grade 3) I don't think they want to participate in this challenge because fifth And sixth grades are merged in one classroom and our teacher is Appa 4) how are u going to give us the prize
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    As salami alayikum wa rahamutuallaji wa barakatucu As you know I have not Been on turntoislam for a month and a half I did not know what to do I really need help I just cant think of an thread post plz help
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    the Quran your holy book

    DUHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well i mean muslim french will read t he Quran. But i dont think that Non-Muslim will read the Quran ASK your teacher about the Quran. THANK YOU
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    when your one of a kind!!!!!

    well u know what my if Karate and Reading I am also an athlete kid which means i like a lot of sports
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    Is it right?????

    Salam Is it right to Hit anyone, disrespect them or even Bully them. This ideas are just wrong. This is what the Shaytan is telling you. They are saying that it is right. These thing are just mean and foolish. This has no right. There is no right that Shaytan could Judge us. No one is a...
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    Am i am Muslim???

    Salam I always wonder I do Karate and you have to bow down to the Master. Is that Shirk?? If it is i am really Sick when i mean Sick I mean Dead Sick. I really need to know this Fast can any one please give advice. I need help is their anyway i could know. Can anyone contact a...
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    I know that And i do my prayers on time for ur FYI
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    Are you going to bring me tea or must I tell you to??

    YA there is a surah called talaq and it talks about getting divocred in a nice way not in a very mean bad harsh way
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    i dont get what you said. Anyway we didn`t have PE today Thanks God
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    Salam I have heard lots of things about Japan. They think that Jugdement is coming.Because they had the 8.6 Magnatuide earthquake, next the Tusami, next it was another earthquake last Wensday. This is really sad. Any TTI member can you please tell more about it as soon as you read this...