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  • Assalamu alaykum sis,

    Just thought to drop ya a line here ;)
    I miss you lots InshaAllah hope you and your family are doing well.

    Love, Hajar

    my sweet sisterr how are u keeping..?
    thought id bug u lol :D

    missing your pleasing msgs ;)
    luv ya sis

    x x x
    Wa Alakyum Salam.

    Thank you for the message, well appreciated. I hope you are in best of Iman and health as well.

    I take it you are on of the mod, is it possible to have my username changed from mhamzah to 'shehmir',

    Jazakallah Khair

    Salam Alakyum
    YES!! 2009 is going Zooming .... lol :D
    Its already may.... Whoa!.... Im getting older already. :redface: lol

    Good to know ur well Alhumdulillah :)
    Alhumdulillah i am well too :) *hug*

    WHt have i been up to.. Hmm... i am not meant to mention the mischievous things right?! :tongue:
    LoOoOoOoll.. nothing really.. just the usual i guess. :)
    What about you ukhti? What have you been up to?

    Hows the family? hope evryone is oki inshaAllah :)
    Take care
    Your sister,
    Wa'alaykum slaam
    JazakAllah ukhti for dropping by :)
    How u keepin sister? I hope you are well inshaAllah.

    Alhumdulillah i am well...
    how u been keeping with things lately..? Hows life..?
    Wa'alikum Salaam sister,

    Thank you for coming around and droppoing a line. I really appreciate it; Jazak Allah.
    I see you are a senior member of the Forum. So please do correct me whenever you feel the need since I am a relatively new user; and you might konw someting better than me to say/do in certain situation as a good Muslim.

    I hope you are in best of Iman and health of yourself as well, Insha'Allah.
    oh, up North. Well i couldnt have catched you up. :(
    Neways hope all is well. Stay in touch!
    wasalam Xx
    Walekum Salam sister :)
    Jazaki Allah Khair 4 ur visit.. :)
    alhamdulillah am fine thanx.. Hope ur well too InshAllah :)
    Take care sister :)
    alhamdulilah everything is going well :) no worries :D
    nothing much to do, just goin to skool and coming home
    well............. :D
    c u arounddd
    Lol.. jsut for me? Are you serious.. wow.. Thats so sweet of you :)
    May Allah bless you.. take care.. ill wait then :)
    W salam sis, ya it has been long since we chat, alhamdulilah evtg is going well in my side, what about u? how r u and ur family doing, tks for passing by , wselam sis
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