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  • Allaicumu Salam dear sister

    Thank you for your visit and kindness Mashallah

    I am fine Allhamdullilah and I hope you are also in the best state of faith and health with Allahs mercy. Ameen

    May Allah reword you dear sister and make you one of those with whom He is pleased on this and life after. Ameen

    May Allah bless you and protect you:tti_sister:

    With love

    Your sister Asja
    Aslam o alicom warahamatuallahi wabarakatuho.
    i can not understand what did u say tell me.dear sister.
    jazakaAllaah khair :)

    yup, Alhamdulillah im well :)

    and yourself? InshaAllaah your in the best of health wa imaan :)
    take care :)
    Wa'alaikumsalaam Sis,

    InshaAllaah hope you and family are well.

    Take care Sis!:hearts:

    Wasalaam Sister,

    I am good alhamdulillah :) I hope you are too, insyaAllah? Take care dear ukhti!!
    good to hear mashaAllah

    btw..did you kno..your fingy still stays 'ramadhan mubarak' LOL (just below your name)

    take care 'moderator' lol
    keep smiling :) :)

    nice of you to pay a visit...lol
    alhamduliah im as good as ever :) :)
    how are are you ukhti??
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