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    Prophet Muhammed (SAW)

    Salaam :) I also have a book and it says the same thing. I just researched it online aswell and i am getting the same answer, 2 sons and a daughter It was Maria...
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    " This Is The Real Story "

    Whether its fake or real, the story itself is inspiring :) and does make you stop and wonder
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    Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

    Walaikum Salaam Jazakallah for the replies :D, the answers are very helpful and have cleared up the doubt that was in my mind :)
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    Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

    :salam2: Are we allowed to celebrate Prophet Muhammed's (PBUH) birthday? By celebrating i mean with mehfils (gatherings of people reading duahs and stories about prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and his life), i don't mean celebrating with mixing of the sexes, haraam food etc. Jazakallah for...
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    Men can shake hands with women.

    :salam2: Everyone tries to justify what they are doing is right in Islam even when it is clearly haraam. BUT YOU CANNOT JUSTIFY what is written in the Quran and the Hadith, no matter what anyone else says be it a sheikh or a brother/sister. I totally agree with Faraa on this one :) and...
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    why everything for women? why not for men?

    :salam2: Ive noticed that :) Maybe you men should start a post that would be helpful to other brothers and sisters alike? :wasalam:
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    10 beautiful aspects of a Muslimah

    Jazakallah :) A beautiful post and very inspirational :ma:
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    Fiqh Of Love

    Salaam :) That is really helpful, becuase not many people talk about love especially in the culture that many of us are brought up in Jazakallah for sharing :ma:
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    I was reminded with such beautiful words..

    Aww :) Love it, really makes you appreciate what you havee
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    Learn to read Quran in the right way

    Salaam, but it says i am unable to view the playlist becuase it is marked as private :-/? Help if you can :) Jazakallah
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    Why do they suicide bomb themselves?

    Lack of education sometimes and other times they have no option. For many are tempted with the knowledge that their families will be fed and looked after. We all love our families and we wouldn't be able to watch our families die in front of our eyes without us being able to do something. There...
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    Introducing 'The TTI geekSquad'!

    Aww i would really love to join, but i got an E in my maths A level :( and do not studyy anything that would fit that category. Guess it just wasn't meant to be :SMILY139:
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    Evil Mother

    Every mother is different especially in the way they discipline, but it is shocking to see that and it's happening everywhere :(. What is the world coming to? May Allah (swt) give us the right guidance
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    I love my hijab :)

    It's beautiful :) andd so truee :D, were not oppressed just have respect for ourselves and covering what Allah (swt) gavee us. You should write more poems :)
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    Jazakallah for all the welcomes and i am sure i will enjoy my stay very much :) Thank you for the support, its helps me to keep believing
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    So truee

    To Perseveranze Im not sure i found it on a website and thought it was really nicee to share
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    So truee

    Aww yeahh i never thought about it likee that :/ but i guess the sayings for women and how devoted they should be to Allah (swt)
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    Sunset - After Asr

    Jazakallah for the helpp :)
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    Aww thank you i will inshallah :) x
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    Salaam I was born a Muslim but sadly to sayy i hardly ever used to act like one. I hardly used to pray salaat and very rarely recited the Quran. But recently my cousin sister was over and she told me alot of about Islam and i felt so priveleged to have it as my religion that i wanted to know...