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    assalamu alaikum

    و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته.
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    :salam2: sister Dear sister Islam has no nation is the light and guidance of Allah swt ....even in the time of the prophet :saw2: there were many hypocrits ( forgive me for my spelling) we suffer from many people in muslem countries who call themselves muslems but they are fighting...
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    I'm seeking knowledge

    :salam2: Faisel Many good scientists don nt believe in the evolution but the problem with our modern world is that there are certain people who are lost 9have no faith) and try to lead the minds of people by promoting theories and ideas that suit their kufer even if it has no true evidence.
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    Salaam Aleikum! VERY new revert!

    Alhamduliallah this is the most wonderfull news ....may Allah give us all more iman (faith) and knoweldge in Islam. :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah:
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    did allah give any brief description on how he looks?

    Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. I think that the more we read Quarn with an open heart the more we know Allah subhanahu wa Taalla (Our creator and sustainer) 24:35 Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The Parable of His Light is as if there were a Niche and...
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    Let's collect Hadiths!

    Yahya related that Malik heard al-Ala ibn Abd ar-Rahman say, "Sadaqa(charity) does not decrease property, and Allah only increases a slave in worth for his restraint, and no slave is humble but that Allah raises him." Malik s muwatta
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    You are most welcome :SMILY259: :SMILY259: :SMILY259: :SMILY259: :SMILY259: :SMILY259: :SMILY259: :SMILY259: :SMILY259:
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    The struggle of a prospective convert

    :salam2: I think that we all suffer from the inner struggle even born muslems .....It is natural ....the satan :angryred: can wishper within our hearts , our ownselves have it`s own desires .....but Islam is very clear and practical :SMILY259: .....the way out of all is to have more faith in...
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    salafi way of praying salah

    :salam2: brothers and sisters Even at the time of the prophet people differ in their understanding to what the prophet :saw2: say ..... the differance in understanding is something natural and human but the way we deal with our differances should be in islamic polite humble manner ......The...
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    You are most welcome ......I think that Islam confirm al the good that you carry but correct the misconseption about our creator most religions have ....purity of faith is a must for healthy heart....I mean knowing Allah swt with his most beautifull attributes is light to our hearts......Don`t...
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    HELP!!i feel like allah is...

    WE all feel so sometimes because of our ignorance ......please think who is giving you the ability to see, hear . is making your heart beat............etc who makes you live ....Allah is so caring for people in every step of life but the problem are within us...
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    Hello there

    You are most welcome Islam is a heavenly call :aims to unite humanity by love of their creator and to unite people by good relations that is based on piety, modesty, politeness, goodwill.... Islam starts with mending human heart by binding hearts with their one and only creator by love and...
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    i need to speak to someone live

    Don`t worry Allah is near, turn to Allah with humble heart everything will be OK. :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah:
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    Truth is a lie..

    I think that one can say that being ignorant of something doesn`t mean that it doesn`t exist .....if someone doesn`t know certain fact his/her ignorance of that fact will never change the the whole truth was shown to the prophets of Allah .......our ignorance of what was shown to...
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    WHY is this happening??!!

    <<My point is: Most Jews are the direct descendent of Hadrat Ibrahim (AS), how can we say that they are descendents of pigs etc. We should avoid saying these things despite all these atrocities, which by the way are going to increase many folds in the future. This is our test as Muslims>>...
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    WHY is this happening??!!

    :salam2:brothers and sisters I think that the answer is that Allah swt is fair and just and Allah swt put certain laws in this universe Who works hard and make efforts in this life then that person will enjoy the fruits of his work whatever his faith . There are certain laws(or Sunun) that...
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    A day in the life of a niqabi in France

    :salam2: sister Dear sister : Feel happpy Allah swt choosed you among many to be on his way. I know it is not easy at all .....I went through some of what you felt ...... i understand ......May Allah swt give us more faith and strength to continue on his way . I pray that every single moment...
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    Saudi women challenge driving ban

    :salam2: rothers and sisters I am saudi woman living in Saudi Arabia ,I visited many westren countires and islamic countries ......I feel that my country is the most perfect one where I can practise Islam ......Yes we don`t drive .....but that is better for us as women ....My husband drive for...
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    Saudi women challenge driving ban

    Sure, You are right but sometimes we are dragged by nonislamic way of thinking to repeat what they say without putting the whole picture in our minds. We should struggle to promote the islamic values in our world first (taqwa, Higab, lowering gaze......modesty) This is more helpfull and more...
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    Saudi women challenge driving ban

    :salam2: brothers and sisters: I think that each country has it`s own concerns and we as a muslems should care about the real problems our world is suffering .....Our world is suffering from Shirk( directing hearts to other than the one who deserves), wars, unjustice, free sex, broken families...