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    What is a mans duty to hiis wife?

    thanks 4 sharing.
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    Assalaam valaikum sister! welcome 2 TURN TO ISLAM, u will find this site very beneficial alhumdalilah. hopefully i wil try my best 2 answer ur questions.
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    Why Am I Here ?

    beautiful Asalaam valaikum sister! thankyou 4 sharing, beautiful poem.
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    Assalaamu alaykum

    welcome welcome 2 the site.
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    Benefitting from Knowledge

    thankyou Assalaam valaikum very nice, thankyou 4 sharing.
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    Your brother from San Francisco Bay Area

    Assalaam Valaikum, Brother Welcome to the site brother! i hope u enjoy ur stay.
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    Me Me Me

    Welcome Sister Asalaam Valakum Sister! welcome 2 the site. Enjoy ur stay. sister Naseem
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    A is for B is for etc ...

    Asalaam Valaikum brothers and sisters Letter N , "NISAAB" completion of full one year. The LUNAR YEAR.
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    Welcome Assalaam Valaikum brother! welcome to T T I . ENJOY UR STAY
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    Assalam Alikom

    Welcome Assalaam Valaikum brother mohammed, welcome to T T I . Hope u enjoy ur stay.
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    introduce myself

    Ditta Asalaam Valaikum brother ! i hope ur in good health, thankyou 4 ur warm welcome. u asked me a question how i woz touched about this site? well since i hav been on this site. i hav been going through the forums and etc. how the brothers and sisters interact with each other, giving advice...
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    welcome Assalaam Valaikum sister, welcome to the site.
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    New Member.

    Welcome Welcome to the site ! ur are at the right place, u wil find this site very beneficial like i hav.
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    Introducing me...

    Welcome Welcome sister to the site ! !
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    Another New member

    welcome welcome 2 TTI i hope u benefit from this site. like i have, u definetly hav cum 2 the right place.
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    Reading Soorat al-Mulk

    Asalaam valaikum, thankyou 4 sharing.
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    introduce myself

    salaam brother asalaam alaikum brother! sorry in replying 2 u late. ive been exploring this website. mashallah this site has alot of information. ive already hav learnt quite alot in a short pace of time. hopefully inshallah wil carry on learning. about myself i havent got much of a story, i...
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    introduce myself

    slight misunderstanding Asalaam Valakum, thankyou 4 ur message. There'S a slight misunderstanding here. my name is naseem and i am a sister and from the uk, sorry i shud hav clarified that.
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    introduce myself

    Asalaam valaikum.... 2 everyone! just wanted 2 introduce my self my name is Naseem i live in the Uk. i just recently found this site, it is very interesting a lot of info i have found. I hope 2 make new friends inshallah.