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    Nice poems for u =)

    Does She? She eats, she sleeps She laughs, she weeps She sees, she hears She shops, she wears, But does she remember to do the five prayers? Author: Khadija
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    Muslim Names Game

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    Name a surah!

    Surah Al' Fajar
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    hi every one

    Thank you very much. I will try my hardest Inshallah. I deleted all songs from my Ipod last time and put nasheed but as you said...the nasheeds seemed so I put back the songs..I was thinking to reset my Ipod and put nasheed but I dont think I should do that at once, because I need to...
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    hi every one

    New..trying to find my way back.. Asslamoalaikum, I just joined this site today. I am starting to look around and see what can benefit me to help me become a better muslim. In the past year or so I am distant away from Islam, may Allah forgive me. I am trying to find my way back. I cannot...