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    12 Proofs that Prophet Muhammad was a True Prophet

    Hi, Say the H in Muhammad's name correctly as it sounds in Arabic and I'll buy what u said about different names! It's good your finding new information here. Hope u find more. Good luck.
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    That's very enlightening... thank u Happy Eieeed to all :)
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    Come on people!!

    :salam2: It think people differ on the meaning of hate. Long story!
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    Car back window/arabic Clgrphy)

    :salam2: Does this fatwa mean that if somebody is so careful in avoiding the mentioned precautions he can just hang whatever frames of Suras he wants as reminders? We hang lots of them at home. And I assure u they are very good reminders and not merely for decoration. I can not give my...
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    Going To Syria

    :salam2: You will be astonished to how inexpensive life there is. People are very kind there. Although in Ramadan people in the middle east, especially in Syria, tend to mix the religious practices of Ramadan with parites and gatherings that are sometimes unIslamic at all. However, there are...
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    The people who belive in imam ali and that!!

    :salam2: Believing in the great human and religious grandure of khalifa Ali ra is not mutually exclusive with the belief in Allah swt and the prophet pbuh. Muslims should respect and accept the grandure of all khalifas: Abu Baker, Omar, Uthman, and Ali and all other companions raa of the prophet...
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    Wilders wants to ban the Koran

    Are Quran copies in Holland different than ours!? He must have read Balfour Declaration.
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    Israeli MP threats to explode al-Aqsa mosque

    :salam2: I don't think he dares. Doing such a stupid act, besides being impossible, will be a suicide in every sense of the word.
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    I need help.

    A Christian Site Saying it's not metaphoric :salam2: Well, I admit I don't know alot about the scriptures and Im curios to know just like u. But from my humble reading, I noticed some Christians use the word "beget" which is also used in the bible! Psalm 2:7 "You are my Son, today I have...
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    Urgent help needed??

    :salam2: It's ok, sure brother. Don't hesitate for any further help ;) Salam
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    Urgent help needed??

    :salam2: The Quran says about Mary the Virgin : O sister of Aaron! Thy father was not a wicked man nor was thy mother a harlot. (19:28) This is tafseer (explanation) of ibn Katheer, my translation: O sister of Aaron means: similar to Arnon in piety and worship. Aaron also is Moses' brother, and...
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    The Story of Jazan

    :salam2: I like it thank u :)
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    Has not evolved!!!

    A fish whose ancestors are 360 million yars old and know only from fossils, yet it has not evolved to a reptilian or a monkey...! coelacanth['si:ləkanθ] ■ noun a large bony marine fish with a three-lobed tail fin and fleshy pectoral fins, known only from fossils until one was found alive...
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    Help on prayer!!??

    :salam2: Brothers and sisters, any sort of help on the following is appreciated... Anything from personal experience is welcome :) -How can I concentrate and become more sincere in Salah? -Do I have to redo the whole Salah if I temporarily lost my concentration then restored it during Salah...
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    Unitarianism Religious movement that stresses free use of reason in religion, holds that God exists in only one person, and denies the divinity of Jesus and the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. Its modern roots are traced to several liberal, radical, and rationalist thinkers of the Protestant...
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    faith :(

    Clarification :salam2: Im also a born Muslim and I have also been into this stage of weakness of faith years ago when I used to visit lots of islamophobic websites... However, everything backfired: the more I read against Islam, and then compared the antagonistic TRIMMED and decontextualized...
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    clothes anger Kenyan Muslims

    :salam2: Unfotunately this phenomenon is now beginning to appear in the Middle East! People unfortunately sometimes feel suspicious about fully covered women as prostitutes (Autho bellah) or beggars! Religion is being shelved and misused. This is just nauseating! The good thing is that people...
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    Salaam.. Im confused about this question.

    :salam2: Here is the answer to ur question, plz read it all, it's informative and enlightening :) Objection to the fact that a man will have hoor ‘iyn who will share her husband with her Question: What happens in paradise, with a couple who have been married. I have heard that the wife will...
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    Two SERIOUS questions breaking my heart!!!

    :salam2: U hit very close where it is most painful. This is exactly what is ailing me and what I have been struggling with for years. And please, brothers, I do care about divisions, we can't just bury our heads in the sand, I feel it is selfish to say "You just follow Quran and Sunna and mind...
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    Brave Israeli solider !! ( funny specially 4 israelis)

    Salam Ok, so if a thief broke into ur house, sorry I mean God's house, you won't call the Police or take any action, since it's God's house! That's cool, thieves can be happy and rich if lots of people think that way :) I mean no offense, but it's well founded that some of the racist whites in...