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    Salaam, I am Stacey :)

    Hey Stacy im a revert sister in the UK, I would love to talk to you about Islam, and give you info, and help you in anyway possible:) Do you have msn? I tried to PM you but you have too many messages in your inbox:(
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    Ramadan Mubarak sister I hope you will benefit from this website inshallah Your sister in Islam
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    arabic classes/circles

    hello sisters and brothers:-) hope your all well and everything is going well:-) does anybody know of any sisters group in London(preferably South London) but anywhere in London is fine:-) Are there any masjids in London, with Arabic classes for sisters, for beginners Thanks:-)
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    revert sister

    welcome sis :-)
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    Me yay Me

    Welcome sis hope your time here is beneficial , feel free to PM me :-)
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    Sister from London...

    salam sis:-) hope you have a good time in this website :-) feel free to PM me im also a londoner:-) *!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!
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    speaking in tongues

    hello :-) is there anything in the Qu'ran about speaking in tongues?? does this phenomenon exist?? :ma:
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    Took Shahada a few days ago. Now what?

    Salam aleykoum wa rahmatulahi wa barakathu sis welcome to the worldwide Ummah:-) I am also a revert sister in the UK(London:-) alhamdilliah I think that the most important aspect of our deen is learning the five daily prayers two good websites are...
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    Assalamu Aleykum Sisters

    salam aleykoum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu i hope you will enjoy your time here :-) I am also a revert alhamdilliah :-)
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    i hope to meet some new sisters here

    salam aleykoum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu hope you enyoy your time here sis :-)
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    Hello My Brothers & Sisters

    welcome to TTI sis hope you have a nice time here:-) :-)
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    nervous about exams

    hello all brothers and sisters,hope all is well:-) I am getting quite worried about my exams coming up and revision, my first exam is on wednesday:-(:girl3: and last one is on the 19th of June:-( I would really appreciate it if you would all make du'a for me. Jazakallah Khairan :tti_sister:
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    Assalam alaikum

    hello sis welcome:-)hope you enjoy your time here, feel free to pm me:-) Jazakhallah Khairan
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    are these food items halal??

    salam aleykoum all does anybody know if all and seafood and all fish is halal?? also does anybody know if kiri cream cheese is hal bought it fomr a meditaranian shop ( I think turkish) thank you :blackhijab:
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    i am a new sister!

    salam aleykoum sis welcome , hope you enjoy your time here :-) feel free to PM me :-)
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    Salaams from SisterAsma

    welcome:-) hope you enjoy your time here :-)
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    Im New any Welcom!!!!?

    welcome sis :-)
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    relatively new convert

    Salam all I am a relatively new convert (In UK), havent yet told family or friends , neither have I talked to any other other muslims ( as mother would probably get very mad if she ever found out that i am a muslim and throw me out of the house( I am a student ) and I wouldnt have anywhere to...
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    hello everyone just introducing myself , am a relatively new convert:-) became one through my dad mentioning that this was a religion that made sense, so researched it for myself (reading books and internet )and in a way fell in love with , and have not look back since :-)hoping that maybe...