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    Dream about Dajjal??

    according to Bilal Philips this book is not authentic. here is a a link. scroll down and u will see a quote from Bilal Philips regarding this book.
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    How To React to Protests [Must Watch]

    :salam2: i watched this video some time ago, really good. i would recommend everyone to watch this. i have also watched other videos from onewaytoparadise they are all pretty good.
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    Why did not the Muslims help the Libyans?

    :salam2: i was watching a video on youtube regarding demonstrations and protests. here is the link from what i have understood the people in libya are fighting in the name of democracy and not in the name of...
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    Now this is true Love! Shame on us!

    :wasalam: brillant story, thanks for the pictures as well
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    "News" as a tactic: lessons from "a gay girl in Damascus' blog

    :salam2: thanks for this post brother
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    If a toothbrush is left in the bathroom, it will definitely contain fecal bacteria!

    :salam2:i live in the west luckily my tiolet and bathroom (where i keep my toothbrush) is separate.
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    personality test

    this is surprisingly accurate. thanks for the reply sister aapa. i still don't know how you managed to work out i like to dream, i day dream a lot usually without even realising.:wasalam::ma::mashallah:
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    personality test

    :salam2: i got ISFJ, 11 1 12 33 I was wondering sister aapa why my scores were so low none of the letters are very strong everything is below 40.
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    I need your Duas ....

    i'm sorry to hear this sister i hope everything gets better for you. i will make dua for you after i do my prayer.:wasalam:
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    Army Pants

    :salam2:sister, lol the comments were even funnier "why do you think the taliban wear loose clothing"-(hahahaha) :wasalam:
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    Fatwas:Recite surah-Al-fatiha while praying behind imam

    thank you for this post sister needed this for some time. it would be good if there wasn't different opinions , but since i am from hanifi madhab i guess i shouldn't recite al-fatiha in congregation.
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    SORCERER'S PLOT / (documentary) [VIDEO!]

    i find this stuff weird. my mum told me that there are people in bangladesh who do this (she's bangladeshi). these people are crazy. very good video and very informative. the sheikh in teh video said about soothsayers an di was wondering did he do a video on them because i would like to know...
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    AbuBakr AsShatery U.A.E Taraweeh Beautiful Quran Reading

    :salam2: he is my favourite recitor, i downloaded the entire quran recited by him some time ago. its good to see him up close. thanks for this brother. also he is a very good recitor, some say he is slow but i like the speed he is reading if anything this allows him to contemplate...
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    Terracotta Army. Whats that???

    :salam2:you hit the nail on the dot (i think thats the saying)
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    Assalam o Alekum, I from Indonesia need Friend

    :salam2: welcome to TTI brother.
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    :salam2: welcome to TTI brother abdullah
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    Ramadhan- The best month of the year

    :salam2:thanks for this
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    Driving test on Monday

    :salam2: thanks for that. just remember everything you've learnt and try not to get nervous. if your in england then i will say look at mirrors i keep getting told off by my driving instructer for not looking at the mirrors they are so important.
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    Driving test on Monday

    :salam2: inshalla you will be alright. i suck at driving at the moment-especially at stearing , i just can't get it right. i wish you all the best and will pray for your success
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    Quote of the day (4/9)

    :salam2: havn't heard this quote before-you learn something new everday, thanks for this. :wasalam: