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  1. learnermuslim

    Please welcome Rosita

    Ahlan Dear Sister Rosita, MashAllah, Allah Huakbar, Aljumdolilah. Welcome to Islam and TTI. You will find so much support and love here. May Allah bless you and please, please remember us all, your borthers and sisters in your prayers. Fi amanAlllah Your borther
  2. learnermuslim


    Assalaam Alaikum and JazakAllah for this post. What could be better than being beside the Nabi (SAW) in Jannath, subhanAllah. Allah (SWT) give us all the strength to follow in the footsteps of the greatest human there ever was and will ever be. May Allah (SWT) grant us all the resources...
  3. learnermuslim

    Please ,greet me!!!!!!!

    Ahlan Assalaam Alaikum, Welcome to both a life of peace , happiness and fulfillment and this wonderful site. May Allah make your journey easy on you. Fi amanAllah
  4. learnermuslim

    What is your opinion of this?

    Salaams, haven't gone through site and to be honest don't know if want to, but just wanted to say something related about violence. Islam and of course Allah, hates violence. It is the last resort and even then when being done purely for self defence. I think non-religious people...
  5. learnermuslim


    SubhanAllah, MashAllah. Welcome to back to Islam Sister and to TTI. May Allah make your journey of peace, fulfillment and happiness easy and steadfast, Ameen. Look forward to your posts and please do not hesitate to call upon all your Brothers and Sisters on TTI for any help and guidance...
  6. learnermuslim


    Assalaam Alaikum Dear Sister, Please apply solutions from both this Duniya and our Deen. Meaning, apart from Praying to Allah SWT, seeking guidance from reliable and trutsed islamic sources (Iman, other Scholar Sisters) please also use the facilities and resources Allah has given you in this...
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    Salaams and Ahlan, I pray we can all help each other to gain Allah's blessings and rewards, Ameen. Look forward to your posts. Take care, Fi amanAllah
  8. learnermuslim

    I took my shahada last night

    Oops, I do apologise Sister. note to self, improve reading skills :-( Of course, just swap Sister for Brother in above message :-) Fi amanAllah
  9. learnermuslim

    I took my shahada last night

    Assalaam Alaikum Brother, SubhanAllah, MashAllah. Welcome to peace, happiness and fulfillment. May Allah make your journey easy and ultimate destination the best. Please pray for the forgiveness of all our sins and that we all meet again in Janatul Firdous. Take care, keep in touch and...
  10. learnermuslim

    Dressing up!

    Salaams, Why not a white wedding dress from Versace, at least that would be formal, have the right label and show off your complexion. But I suppose the two week crash diet you would need to get in to it may prove too much of a hassle. P.S. look forward to the photos
  11. learnermuslim

    a girl from Brazil

    Assalaam Alaikum and welcome Sister. May your Islam go from strength to strength daily. Glad you found this site and am sure all Brothers and Sisters on here are ready and waiting to help you in anyway they can. Take care and look forward to your posts. Fi amanAllah.
  12. learnermuslim

    New to Islam

    Assalaam Alaikum Sister Ayshia, MashAllah, Mubarak and welcome to Islam. May Allah make your journey to the truth, peaceful, fulfilling and steadfast, Ameen. We look forward to your posts Sister and please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have, from the trivial to universe...
  13. learnermuslim

    The Quran in your life

    Salaams, As per my first post, my friend wanted me to add that due to limited resources, only people in the UK/London will be considered for interviews, as these have to be in person and recorded, so don't know if that also rules out phone interviews? Anyway, please feel free to contact...
  14. learnermuslim

    What does Islam mean to you?

    Salaams, It means to me Peace, fulfillment, enlightenment, hope, happiness, strength, encouragement, love. In essence everything that is good. Fi amanAllah
  15. learnermuslim

    Can WE visit Israel?

    Salaams, I know and don't know why Muslim and Arab countries still see visiting Israel as something to lose your passport or question your Islamic/National allegiance. As we know Al-Aqsa is one of the Three Mosques Muslims are obliged to visit if they can in their lifetime and in a way it...
  16. learnermuslim

    The Quran in your life

    Salaams, Am posting this for a friend who is having problems posting this directly (her nic is at the end of the message and she is a registered user so can contact her directly or just post here and she will check.) Please help her out. JazakAllah. Fi amanaAllah...
  17. learnermuslim

    As salamu alaykum

    Assalaam Alaikum Brother, Ahlan, welcome to TTI, am sure you will enjoy and benefit from your participation on this site. Take care, Fi amanAllah
  18. learnermuslim

    Talk about Islam but...

    Assalaam Alaikum Brother, sad to hear but keep in mind they have come here for a reason, money and coming from a muslim country doesnt make you a muslim. As sisters shyhijabi and nadia state, just keep yourself on the straight path and live, lead by example, ready to help when and if...
  19. learnermuslim

    salam alikoum

    Assalaam Alaikum Brother Karim, Ahlan to TTI. Look forward to your posts and sharing of knowledge on this wonderful site. Fi amanAllah
  20. learnermuslim

    In need of advice....again

    Assalaam Alaikum Sister Shannonx, First of all, please relax, take a time out. Secondly, please do not see, or make following Islam a burden. Take your time Sister, do as much as you can, when and where you can. Your concern and efforts are commendable and rest assured Allah will be...