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    Abdul Saleed-muslim turned christian

    Interesting, and fascinating!
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    Saving the president

    Good one! The joke in it's self is that Bush was actually thinking! LOL!
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    Muslim-Christian soccer

    My opinion is this is petty. Getting no where even faster.
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    Sarajevo Painting

    Thank you all for your compliments. I hope you enjoy it. I plan on going to this wonderful city some day, I never been there before. The reason for painting the city is it was a gift for the parents of someone very dear to me. They were refugees from the war in Bosnia, in the 90's. They are...
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    An Interview with Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali, is great legend! Thank you for posting about him! bid6MkRiJzM&NR And check this out, hilarious! Ali gives Bush the crazy sign! LOL! yT9ZrJqIMSM
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    Sarajevo Painting

    Asalamu Alakum, A painting of Sarajevo, I just finished. I would like to share it with all of you. Do you see all the little mosques? Oh I tried to find reference of the city before all the modern buildings were built. The photograph is not that great I admit, too much glare on the...
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    dark ages america the beggining of the declin

    Living in America.... From here spend about two to five min at least, each day doing something that can change peoples minds and the world for the better. By talking to them, setting a positive example, doing something for the environment, give someone some good useful sound knowledge...
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    Love and Romance message

    Honesty, from your heart.
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    Ginger beer

    Asalamu alaykum, My question is... if the man's beverage was "haram", what would you do? Is this to protect yourself or to find out how to tell others to live? Two questions I guess.LOL. PEACE!
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    making a islam awareness documentary

    Think To set up a (Post Office Box) you would go to your local post office and fill out paper work. I think this would work in any country that has a decent post office. Here this is an excerpt from explaining the P.O. BOX for further knowledge. {A post office box (often...
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    making a islam awareness documentary

    Jihan, I just thought of a suggestion. If this sounds like it would be too much then don't commit to this idea but since you asked for help... what if other brothers and sisters with experience in film, helped out by sending clips or footage to you. You could get a P.O. box set up, so people...
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    george bush!!!

    Response to George Bush... Asalamu alaykum, Brothers and sisters, I have thumbed through this thread, and it seems that there is a fair share that would prefer that G.W.Bush was not the Commander-in-Chief of the world... excuse me, the United States... sorry bout that. I don't wonder why...
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    making a islam awareness documentary

    Jihan, I think it is a wonderful idea that you want to make a documentary! A few questions to get started. First, do you have a vision of your documentary? Do you know what the content is you want to deliver to your audience? Do you have stimulating scenery for the audience, such as showing...
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    Must see Images!!!

    Wonderful structures! Thank you for sharing! PEACE!
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    Asalamu alakum, That sounds difficult, funny i had trouble concentrating the other day during the evening prayer when the washing machine was on spin cycle and it was so loud I couldn't hear myself think! LOL! How far would you have to go just to have a more private atmosphere, like outside...
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    I need info immediately before april 17th 12:50 am

    Asalamu alaykum, I believe, for you to be honest with your teacher and class, speak wisely about the things you do know and understand. That way it flows naturally from your heart and mind. For the things you are not sure about... well there is much to know and understand, and we all are...
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    Muslim Attire

    If someone happened to be in Alaska, or say stuck in Siberia, or basically where there are sub zero temperatures, would they worry about this when they pray? PEACE!:SMILY259:
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    Nutmeg: :rolleyes:
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    Ha Ha Ha !:lol: :SMILY84: :cool: PEACE!:allahuakbar:
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    does anybody know when masjid Aqsa was built

    Abdul, Thanks bro for the animations. I enjoyed them.LOL! Claymation is great! I am an animator myself working on a story where the main character comes in contact with a jinn. If you have any interesting information you think i might need to know about jinn, let me know. I have been doing my...