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    Woman and the masjid

    yes @ munawar however during the tym of caliphs, they were told to stay at home as going to masjid, almost certainly wud cause fitnah i didnt read the article:shymuslima1:...sorry but its kinda long and im in a rush, however i think facilities shud be available, for example wen we went...
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    wow...sister that is such a touching story may allah keep you on this path of islam..and all of the rest of us can i ask about ur kids? are they muslim and are they with u?
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    Prophet Mohammed (SAW)

    yaah. coz it didnt sound right to be honest i knw thats the tru meaning of "gay" however, the homo one is more widely known and used
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    finding a website

    it seems like a good site mostly anyway
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    Being a muslimin in the south.

    :salam2: im new here as but im from UK and alhamdulillah the community is quite good however there is a lot of "high and mightiness" around no personal attack on arabs, but ones i knw kindof think theyr chosen ones from god, therefore are not that friendly at all but khair, mayb...
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    Mascaras n nail polish in wudhu

    mashallah, that is good im hanafi but i try to do so as well i hav many freinds that are from other madhabs and they tell me their beliefs and i also try to follow the strictest opinion for example in salaah, i think its shafiis (correct me if im wrong) that say the feet must be covered...
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    Kosovo independence and reactions in the Arab world

    arabs really dont desrve to be arabs they seem to be muslims by just name, just coz theyr ancestors are muslims they are the holders of the holy land, yet they dont care one bit about the situation of muslims if they really wanted to, they cud boycott the west stop giving them oil and the...
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    America's Arrogance

    can i just add that america hav always been low? wot did they do to the native americans, the black slaves, and black citizens etc the list really goes on theyv always been tyrants now theyv cum face to face with the soldiers of ALLAH and we knw that there can only be ONE winner inshallah
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    Mascaras n nail polish in wudhu

    sorry. it wasnt supposed to be anything personal however, the examples u picked out are just sum errors by people alcohol is haram and so is ribat so can i ask, wen it cums to certain topics...such as ruling on salaah wot do yu follow?...wot ur common sense says...wots easiest for u...
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    *~The Muslim Girl~*(a poem)~*so lovely!!

    coz shes a muslim gyal in the west they dont like that shes free and has modesty
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    Your way to Islam !!!!!share your story

    wow..these stories are really amazing, and truly touching here in the uk we hav reverts, but they end up getting shut out by the community and personally i onyl knw one or two its good deen is quite high in the states. anyway sumtyms i wish i woz a revert, so i cud actually be more grateful...
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    Mascaras n nail polish in wudhu

    gotta agree wiv this sis i hate it wen peeps go "i dont follow no madhab, just islam" its wrong and at the end of the day, we shud followone of the 4 madhabs a lot of the people that say that are salafis, who simply pick and choose wot they want to follow, suited. may allah guide us all
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    *~The Muslim Girl~*(a poem)~*so lovely!!

    mashallah that woz a really good poem...well sweet