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    is there any hadiths regarding his matter??

    Thank you for the clarification....
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    is there any hadiths regarding his matter??

    Assalamualaikum to sisters and brothers who happen to read my thread, i have a big question in my head head regarding this particular matter...i'm really clueless and i have ask peole around me but i have mixed anyone here have any strong hadiths related to this matter? the matter...
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    Huband or Mother???

    Salaam...thank you so express in a way that i never came across before thanks alot this really teach me alot of things to deal with people around me......arrogant and hatred have control over their emotions to some people...if only their mind was set to have peace all this hatred will...
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    Huband or Mother???

    Assalamualaikum wrb...thank you brother...i have reminded my husband about the hadith over and over again but he seems to heck care my words..while my mom is not only jealous,she also once said to me that my husband doesnt deserved me cause of our different of age...but i try your suggestion
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    Huband or Mother???

    Wa'alaikumsalam sister... i really appreciate all of the advice given,and i will try your suggestion...thank you soo much...
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    The Tears of Gaza

    Salaam... Yup the yahoods are out to destroy gaza by airstrike AGAIN! are they testing what obama will do for their act? i'm anxiously waiting to hear from obama soon rather than later...hope ALLAH bless the gazans ameen...they suffer too much in there...
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    Huband or Mother???

    salaam palestine.... i have try talking to him bout my mums issue but everytime i bring up the discussion he will boiled in anger saying that my mum is in the wrong side and that he will only settle with peace if my mum apologize to him and that he forbidden me to see her,and he wont be...
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    Huband or Mother???

    Salam... thank you it is well stated...i really appreciate it...
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    Huband or Mother??? you dont have to apologize bcause i'm very open minded to receive others opinion which will help me out in my problem,i really need to know to which is right,i dont want to disobey ALLAH in the first place...i'm in a state of my family keep on blaming me while my...
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    my converting to islam, my story

    Subhanallah were given the blessing by ALLAH in finding your deen...i'm really happy for you...
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    Islamic ways of getting married?? NEEED help!!!

    Salaam She should approach her mom first...if she is shy to talk about it with her father first...good luck to your fren may she met with a responsible husband ameen....
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    Huband or Mother???

    Salaam to you too sister...thank you...
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    Huband or Mother???

    thank you...
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    Huband or Mother???

    Yes its right....sorry if my story is too long and have made u dizzy reading it...and those dilemma of mine is burden with people surround me...aunty,uncle,siblings and my mom neighbours,blaming me,they say that i should obey my mom blablabla...but actually they didnt know the truth about my mom...
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    What is a mans duty to hiis wife?

    Salaam... thanks for the was well stated...i wonder who have their husband obeying to the above passage?
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    Huband or Mother???

    assalamualaikum to sisters and brothers who happen to read my post... I have this dilemma which never happen to me b4.... Its between my beloved mom and husband.... My husband have disallowed me to meet my mom due to the grudge that happen between him and my mother.... its really...
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    Gaza families eat grass as Israel locks border

    Subhanallah This is what happens when muslims are not united...muslim leaders seems useless nowadays....about 1.5 billion of muslim in this world can't fight the ponds of yahoods...that is a ridiculous situation to watch... the yahoods will keep on attacking the palestanian if other muslim...
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    Assalamu Aleikum:D

    Assalamualaikum! Welcome sister! i guarentee you that this side is gonna be interesting for you...insya'ALLAH!:tti_sister:
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    Mammi - Finnish East Pudding

    hello what kind of syrup do we need to use? what kind of flavour?
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    Am I A Terrorist?

    SubhanAllah That time will come for those infidels get the punishment from ALLAH swt for their sins...insya'ALLAH... Ya ALLAH...pls give strength to those muslim who is suffering by the acts of unresponsible and inhuman from the unbelievers...ease those pain that they suffer Ya ALLAH...gave...