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  1. khalillulah

    In AIPAC speech, Obama repeats support for Israel, peace talks

    the only canidate who does not support the zionist is ron paul and he does not stood a chance of winning coz all america is run by zionist
  2. khalillulah

    " Nice Definitions "

    :salam2: hahaaaaaa lol really funny esp the lecture one sadly sometimes it may true
  3. khalillulah

    Math game i can tell you how....

    i thought you gonna work out mathimatically it is just a mere coincident that the first digit will be boys and the last digit will be girls after you subtracted 15 i knew it was not a math problem as you have stated coz for example if my total is 115 it will not work coz no. of girls have to be...
  4. khalillulah

    Math game i can tell you how....

    :salam2: first of the algebra approach will not work though you will end up one equation and one expression. let say your total is 60 x=no. of boys y=no. of girls first equation will be 10x+y=45 if you start working from top to bottom you can also get an expression for no. of boys...
  5. khalillulah

    Math game i can tell you how....

    10x+y=total-15 if the total number you get is odd then you started with an even number and also the opposite the first digit will be the number you started with and last digit will be the number you added but is limited only to two digits i don't know if it makes some sense.
  6. khalillulah

    Math game i can tell you how....

    :salam2: i know how it worked out let me give a clue is something to do with odd and even number even x even= even odd x even - odd= odd i don't want to give you the answer but let me give an idea subtract the total by 15 and...
  7. khalillulah

    Where are you from?

    :salam2: mashallah seeing diverse brothers and sisters, am from somalia living in USA, am really homesick can't wait to get back to sweeeeet home. i miss you my beautiful kismaayo reallllllllllllllllllllly. maasalm.
  8. khalillulah

    The when? Eid?

    :salam2: for me its tomorrow coz arafah is today. wish all my brothers and sisters eid mubarak and hajj maqbul(if you performed it) maaslam
  9. khalillulah

    Kanoute Saves Spanish Mosque

    :salam2: I enjoy watching kanoute on field, he is a great player who can produce wonderful results. a beautiful goal scorer, i watch him beat arsenal in the champions league :wavyarms: May Allah reward him great for his charity. masalam
  10. khalillulah

    A laugh

    :salam2: the poor man is in free fall :SMILY176:, nice though fiction. masalam.
  11. khalillulah

    what is your name? what does it mean?

    :salam2: my name is shafi or shafee which means intercession or intercessor. You know the last day people will beg the prophet (pbuh) to "intercede" them with Allah. maasalam.
  12. khalillulah

    funny test

    :salam2: if you were in my physics class and you brought up the first question i would be mad at you....hehe (just jokin) coz the only way you can figure out a position of something is either from it's velocity or acceleration. masalam.
  13. khalillulah

    I seriously NEED all your DU'AS

    :salam2: Allah usually test his slaves to see if the are staunch in sabr may Allah grant you sabr and forgiveness And i will make dua for your child and may Allah heal him swiftly inshallah. masalam
  14. khalillulah

    So I am seriously thinking about moving to U.K. due to sicko

    :salam2: please don't move coz we don't want to get loonely in US:(:, i thought we should multiply the muslims ummah.....(just jokin). maasalam.
  15. khalillulah


    :salam2: you know my little sister high school exams does not really say anything about aptitude or your career goals, getting a B or C in high school shouldn't discourage you. you have a long way to go and as long as you know what you are doing you will be set and put trust in Allah, sometimes...
  16. khalillulah

    More sisters than brothers?

    :salam2: i think i have to tell my friends to join the site so that we can outnumber the sisters
  17. khalillulah

    is the earth shaped like an egg?

    is it graphic??, it must have been highly magnified. maaslam.
  18. khalillulah

    Dawah with Christians

    :salam2: did you try ahmed deedat style well that may work. maaslam
  19. khalillulah

    knowledge is better than wealth

    :salam2: thanks for sharing sis. that why i go school every morning
  20. khalillulah


    :salam2: welcome to the site i lke mauritius a very beautiful country, a nice place for vacation. maaslam