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  1. arzafar

    promoting a purely christian charity

    actually i decided to decline the offer so i have no urgent need of an answer. but we should keep this thread open for an answer which will benefit others.
  2. arzafar

    promoting a purely christian charity

    :salam2: yaar i want to know if it is halal or haram to advertise and help promote a purely christian charity. They only help Christians and forward their own message/agendas. i searched islam-qa but didnt find anything. Actually i am 90% sure it is haram but i just want to make sure. shukran
  3. arzafar

    Did my mother curse me

    well i actually think your mother should be seeing a psychiatrist.
  4. arzafar

    New Here!

    i suggest you post your questions to in particular you should address your questions to Shaikh Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid. He is very knowledgeable in both islamic and worldly matters so you can ask questions on most topics.
  5. arzafar

    have you read the news? 20 most useless degrees

    well these kind of lists are useless for all practical purposes. Jobs are created by businesses. Businesses hire becasue the value of the services delivered by an employee exceeds the cost of hiring that employee. The value of the services is determined by the demand in the market i.e. how much...
  6. arzafar

    Hot, High-Paying Career Sectors

    so telling lies, making exaggerated claims and false promises (aka financial advisor) pays the most.
  7. arzafar

    what i done or what should i do ?.....

    :salam2: I feel sorry for your situation. but please consider that it is better that they refused before the actual contract took place. This helped you avoid further complications. you can always find another husband. since you are a revert maybe you should search for a husband who is also a...
  8. arzafar

    Beginning to look like 1931:Great Depression, leading to WWII

    ermm no. the current financial crisis has it's origin in the lack of oil supplies. The oil production has been stagnant for the last 8 years. it is expected to fall in during this decade 2011-2020. Due to the high price of oil, economic growth is stalled. when growth stalls demand drops and the...
  9. arzafar

    Marrying older women

    i meant aunties/khalas etc. They always seem to have something to complain about. btw i am not saying that men should not marry women older than them. At the end of the day it depends on the two individuals.
  10. arzafar

    Marrying older women

    lols that's what i have noticed also. most older women talk/argue waaaaaay too much.
  11. arzafar

    Global trading

    every aspiring businessman should check this site out
  12. arzafar

    Marrying older women

    well yes age is just a number but it does have an affect on one's personality. I just think that older women are more controlling and argumentative, especially nowadays when women think they are equal to men and all those feminist ideas. so i think it is better to marry a younger one because...
  13. arzafar

    The People of Heaven

    I thing this refers to maghrib salah.
  14. arzafar

    Dschinn at the Evening

    yes it is better stay away from trees and such during the night. Avoid using strong perfume and never 'pick up' anything lying around such places.
  15. arzafar

    Fair Houris

    I have a theory about this. Based on quraan and hadith we know that muslim women will be more beautiful than huurs. A muslim man may get many huris but he will prefer his wife over them even though they are so beautiful. However the muslim women will be prettier than the huris giving them...
  16. arzafar

    Global trading

    i found one islamic clothing business called design molvi. google it and get some inspiration
  17. arzafar

    *** The Life of this World ***

    very true indeed! jazkallahukhair for sharing
  18. arzafar

    why some iranians...

    i think it's not only iranian but most people from developing countries.
  19. arzafar

    Koran By Heart

    fascinating film. thanks for sharing. 1) i think the taajik kid should have won. the judges were quite clearly biased and favored the egyptian lad 2) i have noticed this several times before but i just cant understand why muslim men from egypt an surrounding areas dont have beard. even the top...
  20. arzafar

    :Need answer for a perplexing question:

    :salam2: i think the book was talking about abandoning salah. abandoning salah (or zakat or fasting or any of articles of islamic faith) constitute apostasy or rida. punishment for rida is death. Respected Sheikh,my question is, a person's relative is not performing his/her...