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  1. Muslim18

    Need advice

    :salam2: First of all sis dont put yourself down yourself down you have been blessed and inshaAllah you will come to be a very good wife, as you have stated yourself it helps to have patience and also trust in Allah with all your problems and blessings. Another point...You have only been...
  2. Muslim18

    Back again for recharge...

    Asalamu alaykum dear sisters/brothers I have been missing from here for quiet a while and i feel my imaan goes low without the company of other muslims, and thats why am back i need to build my imaan and knowledge inshaAllah and hope you all are in the best state of imaan and health because...
  3. Muslim18

    Post ur fav. Quote

    Asalamu alaykum MashaAllah lovely quotes My fav at this moment is a saying i forgot where i heard it a lecture maybe... Refers to the life of this world---Sajdal mumin wa janatul kafir--Prison for a believer and paradise for disbelievers.
  4. Muslim18

    "Burn A Koran Day" Pastor Arrested!

    SubhanaAllah!! Is this the same guy who said he was gonna burn quran's on september 11th as a memorial to the dead??
  5. Muslim18


    Asalamu alaykum MashaAllah sis may Allah be Happy with you Ameen You must be the reason my smileys arent working for me you hired them all for yourself lol
  6. Muslim18

    Mike Tyson confesses he prays for forgiveness every day

    Lol sis i couldnt close it if i tried i am not a member with those powers :D and i am a sister its ok i always get mistaken as a brother lool i think i need to change it to muslimah :D
  7. Muslim18

    Mike Tyson confesses he prays for forgiveness every day

    Asalamu alaykum SubhanaAllah May Allah guide us all and bless us with islam in our hearts till we die Ameen Sisters its the month of Ramadan try to be respectful and patience with eachothers ideas and views because we all differ in our ideas but its Islam that unites us so dont let...
  8. Muslim18

    Guess who greets you ?

    Asalamu alaykum sis Ramadan Kareem sisters how have u been ?? i need you to do me a favor, i was wondering why yasmine has been out of touch, May Allah accept her and her fathers umrah and bless them and you abundantly in this month Ameen Tell her Safiyah gave her salam and give her a...
  9. Muslim18

    Starting Medical school tomorrow Need duas :$

    :salam2: MashaAllah brother, may Allah bless you in your future career, make it a means of gaining abundant hasaanat and keep your intentions pure Ameen I am so happy for you Allah is truly with the patient ones :) I have exams coming up so i have been busy! I will keep you all in my duas...
  10. Muslim18

    Introducing my self/my story

    Asalamu alaykum ukhti Its sis safiyah hope u enjoy your stay here and see you soon sis xoxoxox and you also know sis KSA_LOVER?? wow small world inshaAllah you will meet some wonderful sisters here like i did :hijabi: Love u sis hope u got the note i sent u? :hearts:
  11. Muslim18

    Long Time No LogIn!!

    Asalamu alaykum Brothers & Sisters I havent been logging in as much as i would have liked to over the months but i have missed you all very much May Allah protect us all and keep us on the right path. I have been busy with studies and i know thats no excuse for not being here to salam you all...
  12. Muslim18

    Should he respond to non-Muslims when they wish him a Happy New Year?

    :salam2: Jaza kallahu khair for the information on this matter but i am shocked to know that nowadays muslims are going a step too far atleast where i live they celebrate christmas with having a family meal?? and they wish other muslims happy christmas subhanaAllah is this what the muslims...
  13. Muslim18

    18 ways to survive temptations!!

    :salam2: Jaza kallahu khairan katheera sis this is very beneficial may Allah increase you in good deeds and reward you greatly May Allah guide and protect us all :tti_sister:
  14. Muslim18

    I am Married...Alhamdhulillah.

    :salam2: MashaAllah sister i am soo pleased for you :hearts: Barakillahu laki wa baraka alayk wa jama'a baynakuma fi khayr May Allah bless your marriage and grant you happiness in this life and the akhirah Ameen :tti_sister: P.s. Dont forget to send so cake our way lol :hijabi:
  15. Muslim18

    Ramadan Muslims

    :salam2: Ameen ya Rabb :tti_sister: Jaza kallahu khair
  16. Muslim18

    Story of the lady that spoke Qur'aan

    :salam2: Jaza kallahu khair this is one of my favourite stories subhanaAllah :hijabi:
  17. Muslim18

    Important Question!

    :salam2: I found a hadith referring to your question hope it helps.. Also on the authority of 'Umar, radiyallahu 'anhu, who said: "While we were one day sitting with the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam, there appeared before us a man dressed in extremely white clothes and...
  18. Muslim18

    Ramadan Mubarak to All!!!

    :salam2: BUMP.... thought i would dig this up :hijabi: Hope everyones Ramadan is going well :SMILY346:
  19. Muslim18

    A sister in need of photographic help

    :salam2: I am glad to hear of your conversion MashaAllah the only quotation i know and remember that has backbiting mentioned in it is the ayah posted above sorry i am not of much help I hope you all the best in your studies and hope it all comes together and serves as dawah :ma: Ramadan...
  20. Muslim18

    How is your fast going?

    Asalamu alaykum Its start of day three here MashaAllah everything has gone great so far MashaAllah sis Tree2008 i hope the rest of your Ramadan goes Great too inshaAllah :hearts: i get the feeling Ramadan is going too quick before i know it its time to break the fast :girl3: i wish...