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    Eid Mubarik

    eid mubarak
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    i'm sick...make du'a please ='(

    may Allah heal you as soon as possible, sister
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    Question regarding memorizing quran

    may Allah help you memorize quran. I'm college student too who is trying to memorize quran. brother, just a little advise don't forget to have a friend who also interested in learning the quran. that helps a lot than when you are alone.
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    A boy and a girl

    mashaAllah nice story. liked it.
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    What three things you regret not learning to do?

    1. not knowing the entire quran 2. not knowing the arabic language 3. not being in makkah
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    Days of life

    mashaAllah. so so true
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    Must Read Story!!!!

    interesting story jazakaAllah khair for posting this.
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    walaykum salam jazakaAllah khair for sharing this.
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    salaam alaykum

    walaykum salam welcome to this famiy sister.
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    Introducing myself!

    may Allah guide you to the right path, brother.
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    My Shahada Today!

    Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar praise be to Allah who guided you to Islam. sister welcome to the religion Allah
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    He is unknown on earth, and known in JANNAH :D

    mashaAllah. very good hadiths to read. jazakaAllah khair for posting these.
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    May Allah Blessing on You All...

    wa alaykum salam bro. good luck on your studies about islam.
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    assalam aleykum muslim brothers and sisters

    welcome sister. may Allah give you good friends and keep you the right path. ameen
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    new brother here

    welcome bro. inshaAllah you will do your best.
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    Farshy Al Turab

    beautiful nasheed. liked it. jazakaAllah khair
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    Had serious eye accident yesterday.

    alhamduliAllah if you did not lose your eye at all brother. may Allah heal you. ameen. take care brother.
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    What you think of Jannah!!

    I picture beautiful and bigger buildings. I picture rivers and green gardens. I picture respectful people around. and I picture many other things. O Allah grant us jannah and safe us from the hell fire. ameen, ameen
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    The Names of the Qur'an

    jazakaAllah khair for sharing
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    OMA! A Job interview....!

    sister you will get this job inshaAllah and everything will go well.