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    im not quite sure but i think piano is a string instrument therefore were not allowed to play the piano.
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    Some Beautiful Rain Animations

    mashahallah they gr8.
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    Bahira the Monk: Islamic History Photos from Syria.

    mashahallah they are beutiful.
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    Cool Islamic Pictures and Animations Thread

    cool pics, mashahallah.
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    When Are WE Going to Take A Stand!!!

    asalamulaikum sister, i am definately on ur side and mashahallah ur words are very strong, and may allah accept what u have said. inshahallah. wasalam.
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    asalamulaikum, welcome to this site, i hope u all benefit from this site and inshahallah i hope u get 2 know other muslim brothers. wasalam.
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    Really Funny! Bush Pilot

    sometimes i dont know why he's lying about he's useless and pathetic, but it was ory8 although i don't understand german alot im learning now. wasalam.
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    Surah The Jiinns (Al-Jiinn) recited by Abderrahmane Soudaiss

    mashahallah, his voice is beutiful, i was wondering if u have any more of them. jazakallah.
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    Hadith Love the Poor

    salams, i've read that one before and mashahallah i think its a really meaningful one and we as muslims should actually follow it cuz ive seen how they treat the poor and its not very nice. wasalam.
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    Muslim comedy

    salams, they were both hilarious and they have a meaning, really good. wasalams.
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    Do you Study or Work...!?, Educated or Careers...!?

    salams, lucky u, i am stuck just about to go to year ten and listen to all the boring lectures that await, can life get any boring. just cant wait to get out inshahallah. wish u the best in future. salams.
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    i have to go leave my friends, what have come to be my family. but i cant help seeing people like this i want to stay and help these people so the ships are coming can't they evacuate us all children and elders are being maimed hamza, yusuf, christopher and david are their...
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    She Is Neither a ‘Ninja’ Nor ‘Ghost’, She Is Just Wearing Black

    subhannallah, i admire alot of people who's imaan is strong but whilst practising we don't need to care what other people think we live in a western world and to practise we have to get use it. salams.
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    Assalamu Alaikum

    asalamulaikum, welcome to turntoislam, i hope u enjoy it cuz i've recently joined it to. wasalams