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    how do you know they are haram? likw on what basis you claim that they are haram?. i see nothing haram in them. u live in Pak???
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    they are not haram. i eat them everyday.
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    Your Future Husband/Wife

    i would like my wife to be housewife rather than a working woman. for earning i a m responsible. she should take care of home.
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    My Heart Cries Out!!

    bad decision by marrying a non Muslim and then kidnapping the daughter and taking her to pakistan. in all of this drama , the poor child has suffered. now she will teach her own methods and all these things, i guess in 6 years to come she will try to make her away from islam. what a shame. but...
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    Dancing? Can a muslim sister join dance classes?

    you are here since 2006 then you should have realized this long ago. i realized only in two months. any opinion different from salafis is rejected here. just try this and you will know
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    Dancing? Can a muslim sister join dance classes?

    i agree with you. i decide what is haram and what is not by thinking logically and rationally. what results are intended by ordering it as haram. many things are not haram but we do them by becoming more strict. islam is not all haram. there are limits to everything. i am good at writing but i...
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    Dancing? Can a muslim sister join dance classes?

    @esperanza this is a salafi website , i guess no fatwas accepted from al azhar. only fatwas accepted which are from salafi scholars. hard liners and non flexible.
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    I Really Miss You...:(

    it is a human nature, they always miss the past how bad or good it must have been. because past have already happened and you all about it then you cherish it and you feel like you miss those time. mark my words , today will be your post some time in future and you will also miss this time and...
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    For when the unbelievers attack you with the '12 year old wife' argument - A one sentence response.

    i dont care what they think . i believe in islam and this is truth for me.
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    walikum salam for me shopping day is saturday if i intend to some. other wise for daily food, i buy it while coming back from work as city center is just near to my home.i usually read things at my work. surfing internet includes also tti.yeah i didn't add prayers as once i used to pray 5...
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    New Feature: TTI Games Arcade!

    walikum salam Thank you for this
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    Dear Aapaaaaaaa

    Brother calm down . he has not said anything wrong. he has not praised her to the level you are talking.please dont make things complex. why i see argument on every thread here. the lady named Aapa is has really a good intellect and she is very wise. now this is not a praise of the level that...
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    my days are always extra ordinary.nothing special.i wake up at 7:30, some times do breakfast, some time dont. at 8:30 go to work, take 45 min lunch break at 12:00, come back from work at 18:00. cook some thing for dinner. eat dinner. talk home, surf internet for some 2 hours. go to sleep at...
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    Your Future Husband/Wife

    Beautiful,pretty, liberal, free thinker,having good manners.
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    Cross Cultural Marriage?

    When it comes to marriage, parents become traders,they black mail you emotionally and religiously to have their demands fulfilled. they should let their children decide to whom they want to marry and have a good life. my parents forced me too much to marry from family but i said NO. islam is...
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    If u Have Heart u Should Cry

    i didnt cry it means i dont have heart. LOL
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    What is the punishment for apostasy?

    no penalty for apostasy. this is free religion. leave it or embrace it. no force. punishment about this is with Allah
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    it is my opinion. what knowledge you need in this ???? it is simple logic. it is kind of sports. in this way then all sports are haram. just sit in the house and pass the time and also please dont watch TV and dont play video games. dont drive car, it is imitating kuffar. hate them to the...
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    Exposing The High Priests of Evolution Excerpt:100 Reasons Why Evolution is So Stupid

    I also Believe in Evolution as i am scientific guy. We see things happens that way. micro evolution is well documented and proved. macro evolution has also thousands of peer reviewed papers available if any one wants to read. this is today's truth. This is knowledge that helps create hundreds of...