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    Sheik passed away while speaking in the mosque

    :salam2: inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji3un May Allah swt bless him Al-Jannah. Amin Wassaalam
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    for my sisters....Laylat al-Qadr

    :bismillah: :salam2: You are right. You can only touch the Quran(not translation) if you are in ablution(wudu). And when women is in menstruation she can not touch the Quran, except in some exceptions. But you can read/recite the Quran from your heart, if you have memorized it...
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    The first Muslim Jinns

    :ma: very good
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    A Group of Jinns meet Prophet Mohammad (Sallalahoe alaihi wa salam)

    :salam2: Very good, Thank you for sharing.
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    Salaams from Toronto!

    :salam2: Welcome to this site. :wasalam:
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    Can someone tell me when our Eid'l Fitr would be?

    :bismillah: :salam2: By ISNA(Islamic Society of North America),ICNA(Islamic Circle of North America) and IFCNA(Islamic Fiqh Coucile of NA) Canada the Eid-ul-Fiter is on 23rd of October as they are going by astronomical calculations. So you can go with them if you like ;). But...
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    Selam alaykum from Germany

    :bismillah: :salam2: Welcome to this site sister Jutta. :wasalam:
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    sheikh Mashari Al Afasy - Surat Al Furqan with ENGLISH TRANSLATION

    :ma: very good recitation
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    Some Words of Wisdom from the Holy Quran

    :ma: very good work sister
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    3 Important Suras and 3 Strengths

    :ma: very good
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    new member

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    Yemen and city of Sana

    :ma: very nice
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    (poem) Salat

    :ma: very good
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    Video Raciest Skinhead becomes Muslim

    very good:) :)
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    The Garden Of Believers

    very good :)
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    Beautiful recitation of part of surah ahzab

    :ma: very beautiful
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    They make fun of Islam

    lol very goooooood
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    salaam.. Im new here :)

    :salam2: welcome here