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    Speaking Arabic is a Crime!!

    :) how true ya akhi .... Wassalam
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    Cool it off....!

    Salaam fellow sister from singapura, beautiful message. Jazakallahukhairan Wassalam
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    Family of assassinated child reveals barbaric conduct of Israeli soldiers

    Ya Allah help our brothers and sisters from this zionist monster ... :tti_sister:
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    90,000 Muslims gather in Indonesia

    Alhamdullillah, ..... I see another brother from s'pore. Hope you and your family are well Insya Allah. :) wassalam
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    90,000 Muslims gather in Indonesia

    Salaam akhi, You are absolutely right .... A true Islamic state have to encompass all of this and much more. But what makes you so sure that Hizbut -tahrir is only interested in the jurisdiction part of Islam? Do you know how many educators, professors, doctors and lawyers are involved in the...
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    90,000 Muslims gather in Indonesia

    salaam ya akhi, If being a one Islamic government is bad, then how did the rest of the non-muslims manage to live in peace and harmony during the many periods of the previous caliphates for example, the Ottoman empire. If a leader of that Islamic state does not gurantee the freedom and the...
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    Video that's not hijab

    Salaam :ma: This guy rocks!! :) Wassalam
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    90,000 Muslims gather in Indonesia

    Salaam fellow brothers and sisters, I dont see anything wrong here at all. Hizbut tahrir is a political party whose ideals are just Islamic. I don't think they are a radical group or extremist group that some people would be claiming. Their agenda is to unite the ummah .... Isn't that...
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    A Brothers Story....Mashallah!

    Salaam, Insya Allah, we will make dua that he will not suffer any longer Wassalam
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    One more human right violation by Israel

    This is madness ..... Shukran sister harb for posting this wassalam
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    CNN: The Hijab

    Salaam brothers and sisters, found a good article regarding Hijab requirements on :astag: I wonder who are the Islamic experts who blatantly says on CNN that...
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    US to brand Iran Guard 'terrorist'

    salaam .... I wonder who else is Bush and co. gonna pick next?? :rolleyes: wassalam
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    More Thai Muslims flee to Malaysia

    Salaam sis Dianne, Insya Allah whoever is responsible for the malice in the south will be brought to justice ... Wassalam
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    Israeli apartheid at it´s best

    Jazakallahukhairan sister harb, Insya Allah Brother Marzuki will understand the situation in Palestine better ... Wassalam
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    More Thai Muslims flee to Malaysia

    Salaam, Splinter groups have emerged from the mainstream Pattani Liberation Organisation (PLO). These splinter groups are said to be responsible for the indiscriminate bombings of schools, killings of teachers e.t.c The question is, are these groups really from the PLO or something else ...
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    Re: Bush knocked down the towers

    Insya-Allah the crimes of those people who are the REAL mastermind of this carnage will be proven soon .....
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    Prophet’s farewell sermon

    Salaam ..... this is indeed beautiful ..... Brother Danial, salaam. I see that you're from singapore too. :SMILY149: wassalam ...
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    Israeli apartheid at it´s best

    Salaam .... Hamas and Fatah are not the same ...... Hamas are democratically elected by Palestinians themselves while Fatah are not ..... The problem stems out from having a Hamas led government but a Fatah president. You cant have two parties with different ideals to run a country. Hamas...
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    Car back window/arabic Clgrphy)

    Insya - Allah the following link might prove helpful to fellow brothers and sisters ..... Wassalam
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    Muslims can never be defeated because of small numbers

    Jazakallahukhairan .... excellent