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    Words that end in "ING"

    laughing :-)
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    +2 and -2

    46-2=44 :-))))
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    +2 and -2

    48-2=46 :)
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    Why do we read Quran, even if we can't understand a single Arabic word?

    MASHAALLAH beautiful story.thanks for sharing. asalam
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    hi im new here

    salam brother Mo and wlcome!
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    ooops..sorry sis :) i can not find the title was @how christians raised their kids@ or something similar.they mind deleted.anyway thank u
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    i don't remember wich section was it.sorry bro but maybe it's delated.salam
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    salamalaykum to all.hope u all in a good health.anyway i can not find thread about the video with resist fmily and am wondering if someone deleted???????????plz anwser!!!!!!!
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    More sisters than brothers?

    sisters sisters!!!!! we know that ia a lots of sisters here but u know what we just don't wanna make brothers upset,am i right???:D but shiiiiiiiiii:laughing-dancing:
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    Which is more precious Money or Woman??

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    WHY YHIS HAPPEND?????????

    salamalykum to all.i have question to,why my posts are invisible???????i'm posting new treads i'm trying anwser to someone and i can that any reason of that????? can u plz anwsre?i hope i didn't hurt anyone???or something???:girl3:
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    SOMALI WITH.....

    Thank You Sis i'm appriecite for you advice.And i like somalis a lot :) :) sisters are really helpfull and open and i can feel that u are like that. JAZAKALLAHU KHAYRN.I will pray for being a better muslimah.:inshallah: :)
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    Where in the Western World are you living?

    salam I'm living in west London i'm from western europe.:SMILY139:
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    FIRE FIRE !!!!

    salam That's my first RAMADHAN to.Before i was so scared how i am gonna do it.But now i'am waking up so HAPPY.the first sohor was good but not perfect:) today my sohor was just really really deliciuose:) :) i'am doing great ALHAMDULLILAH!!!!! My little advice is that when you are feeling...
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    SOMALI WITH.....

    salam sister i know what u comin from but the problem is that he don't have family here and i think that he is ashamed of the is sad but i have to deal with it or just forget about everything.anyway thank u all!!!!:tti_sister:
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    The awesomest pointless game ever! - Word Association

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    Fantastic word game

    salam after doing something bad we regret. :SMILY139:
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    SOMALI WITH.....

    Salam. Brother i understand what u comin from but don't u believe in real love?????? anyway , every country have a their own beauty NOT ONLY SOMALIANS!and in this world is NOT ONLY SOMALIANS and 'others' (how u sayin).don't u realise that??? AND IN PARADISE OR WHATEVER IT'S NOT GONNA BE...
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    Muslim Jesus by ITV

    wasalamallykum thx for sending this i was sad that i missed this programme but now i can enjoy :blackhijab:
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    uuuuh confiused...

    salam to all :hijabi: Brothers and Sisters,can you tell me something more about birthdays?? i heard different opinions that we can celebrate and can not. You've got more knowledge than me so plz explain me this.maybe some proofs??:SMILY27: