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  1. Wannabemuslim

    Strange Phenomenon in the sky!

    assalam alykum, i like the way you wrote the post, reads like a book or something. lol
  2. Wannabemuslim


    assalam alykum, welcome,
  3. Wannabemuslim

    Leaving the forum, dont want to

    you sound like Roosevelt "the only thing we have to fear is fear its self", but then again Roosevelt is largy responcible for the nwo, so mabey thats less than a compliment
  4. Wannabemuslim

    My iman (Eemaan) goes down when around other muslims

    bah forget this post, i feel better
  5. Wannabemuslim

    Leaving the forum, dont want to

    :salam2: alhamdulilah, the later posts made me feel alot better, mashallah
  6. Wannabemuslim

    My iman (Eemaan) goes down when around other muslims

    :salam2: im not kidding, i feel crazy, yet i kind of inside feel that its not me, but the ummah thats crazy. i know thats haram, but im just saying things straight, like i should. Everywhere i go i find hateful muslims, i go to the shia forums, theres something they strongly dislike about me, i...
  7. Wannabemuslim

    Leaving the forum, dont want to

    Assalam alykum, this will be my last post, scary stuff is happening in the world, and i dont want governmentpeople to look down my back every-time i write something on the internet. With obama sighning that new bill, they could accuses me of being a terrorist by reading something i wrote and...
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    :salam2: Just a comment, the members of any sect will tell you something like "well our sect isnt a sect, its just following islam". And seeing how all sects have this view point, yet another reason there should not be sects in islam. I will back up my arguement with the holy quran if it...
  9. Wannabemuslim

    Arrogance, An Evil Characteristic, By Shaykh Rabee'

    Arrogance is something that is in everyone, so i cant really 'hate' arrogant people, as im arrogant my self. But at the same time, the people who always think there right, constantly about them selves and there "knowledge", and putting down other people, annoy me. But most people i know that act...
  10. Wannabemuslim


    i remember sending a email to a girl who kept harassing me with last sermon in it, Word got around that i sent this email, than another started harassing me. Then i sent another email explaining things, in better context, havnt gotten a reply i bet there sitting on there stupid texting phones...
  11. Wannabemuslim

    What are you reading?

    it may be said therefor what when vincent atlat became concinced th at sien had fallen to low to rise again and when he accordingly left the Haque for good a period of relative happiness began for him
  12. Wannabemuslim

    Fantastic word game

    Allah has willed me to come back to this forum after a long drought. That time was spent benificial though
  13. Wannabemuslim

    My score - 10/10

    3/10. this game is to strange... but cool in a weird way
  14. Wannabemuslim

    **spooky and fun test**

    I got blue hammer. cool weird game
  15. Wannabemuslim

    Words that end in "ING"

    how about aging
  16. Wannabemuslim

    who is your favorite Companion

    :salam2: My favourite Companion is Ali ibn abi talib, (may Allah be pleased with him) "Do for this life as if you live forever, do for the afterlife as if you die tomorrow." " Abstinence from sins is better than seeking help afterwards." "“I do not find that piety benefits a man who...
  17. Wannabemuslim

    Comic book to teach principles of Islam?

    Why would obama support this book? Out of all of them? He wants muslims to secularise most likely
  18. Wannabemuslim

    What a people??? Money??

    :salam2: Most churchs dont have anything about Christianity in them, just a building. My moms church for instance is run by gay ministers, no joke and they where voted in by everyone in the church except one person (no joke either !)
  19. Wannabemuslim

    Drinks besides Alcohol ?

    :salam2: The reason why the Muslim community dosnt buy pop is because the money goes to zionist israel
  20. Wannabemuslim

    The World War 3 Conspiracy

    Islam was built to withstand any change in the world, the west has secularized every religion but Islam, and any war with any muslim nation will fail, and backfire. They plan and Allah (S.W.T) plans and Allah is the best of planners