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    Need answer Plz.

    salam well understood, thank u all.
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    Need answer Plz.

    I have a question my muslims bor/Sis. is't harram to eat food cooked with wine?. because islam makes it clear that drinking alcohol is harram.
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    President Obama speech in Egypt

    mahdi I really liked what Obama said today, but i am waiting if he is just talking for the sake of talking or if their are action behind what he said, i think we should give him a chance and see what he does. I think he is a different peresident then Bush, he is the first president ever to...
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    Kamal Uddin - Illallah

    salaam Masha Allah
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    An Islamic History OF "AL Andalus"

    salaam this video is a brief history of power/culture/arts/scientist of islam. I think every muslims has to know about the great history of islam, it's worth watching, thank you
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    An Islamic History OF "AL Andalus"

    An Islamic History OF "AL Andalus" MUST WATCH!!!! bQEZ5SAStj8
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    Question from a revert about the Sunnah

    I just want to explain one thing, Sunnah is simply following the Prophets way, and you can find the way the prophet lived in many Hadith books, i think some of the bro/sis have posted books you can look for,
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    Islam spread by sword?

    salam First of all, Explain what jihad means, because Jihad is not just a War, but a struggle, and also explain when muslims are allowed to wage jihad. secondly, explain that forcing someone to accept Islam is it self Haram, because in order to be a muslim, you have to believe it in your...
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    salam i think being a jew is a religion, because anybody can become a jew. what people mostly mistake about is the difference between a jew and a hebrew, hebrew is the ethinicity and jewish or judaism is the faith. so if you convert judaism, you become a jew although your ethnicity is not...
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    Gay here and there

    salam If your teacher thinks that seperation is going to lead to homosexual rise, then i must say he is an ignorant person, because the west has more homosexuals then any other people in the world, and they don't seperate different genders. you asked about the stastistics of gay people in...
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    In the US, Gaza is a different war

    salam, I am positive that the American media is very corrupt, just recently when i heard that Israel has started it's Air campaign on Gaza i hurried to the TV to see if there was any news. i turned to Fox News but what i saw there really surprised me. they were showing a documentary of a...
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    Our Prophet Muhammad SAW and his 9 year old wife?

    salam mashaa allah brother, i am thank full that allah guided you to islam. you explained the marriage of Aisha very well, and your story was very touching.
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    Our Prophet Muhammad SAW and his 9 year old wife?

    salam mashaa allah brother, i am thank full that allah guided you to islam. you explained the marriage of Aisha very well, and your story was very touching.
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    Somalia Made A Decision To Conciliate With The Mujahideen

    salaam Bro i just want correct one statement you made, the Pirates and the somalia fighters are two different groups, one hijacks ships and the other fights against the ethiepians. the fighters don't support the pirates. the fighters are even hunting down the pirates. so don't mix the two.
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    Somali Pirates hijack a Saudi Owned Ship

    salaam For long time the world has neglected the situation in somalia. suddenly things have changed, not because people were killed but because of piracy. for long time no one cared about the monarchy in somalia, but now it has become a problem for the whole world. I don't really favor the...
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    is celebrating birthday haram ?

    salam well we all know that imitating the none muslims is Haram. and also innovation is haram. so the question we should ask amongest our self is, is celebrating a birthday an innovation or imitation of the none muslims? this is a question everybody can answer for himself. i am not a...
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    salam Bro/Sis, do you have anything that proves your point. i think DR. Naik was clear when he qouted the Ayat. you are saying, they can touch the quran if there is a translation, but the words of Allah are still there, so it doesn't make any difference weather you have a translation or not.
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    Obama's Vice President: Joe Biden - "I am a Zionist"

    salam this guy is bragging of being a Zionist. i think he doesn't really understand what Zionism stands for. i thought Obama chose the right vice president. but this guy is nuts. he loves Israel more than the US. wow i think we will have 8 more years of the occupation, discrimination...
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    I keep getting confused

    salam It's interesting that people say, Armstrong heard the Adhan while on the moon and converted to islam. but the facts are that isn't true. i don't know how this story came about. and i don't understand how so many muslims came to believe this story. but this was a rumor it wasn't a Fact...
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    Destroying the Aqsa mosque

    I have come to understand that there are movements in the Israel, who want to destroy the Aqsa mosque, so that they can rebuild the thrid temple which will contribute to the coming of the massiah. I think this is serious and we should inform all the muslims. How would you feel if Alqsa mosque...