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  1. zuhur_07

    A Sad day.

    asalmu aleikum sis be strong. if i were u i would think about my safety. i am also in high school. i did not get these problems in my school. I think it is because of the same race and about 90% are Muslims. when i came to my school i did see some fights. but it stop after two years...
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    salam our eid has just begun

    as-salamu aleikmu sis were are u from and were is it eid on sunday and eid mubarak waleikmu salamu
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    Where do you live?

    aslamu aleikum I live in (MN) Minnesota
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    The HereAfter

    aslamu aleikum it is nice. thank you for post it
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    aslamu aleikum

    Khadijah bint Khuwylid Life I did a report on Khadijah bint Khuwaylid. Khadijah bint Khuwylid was the first wife of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Her father’s name is Asad ibn Abd-al-uzza and her mother’s name is Fatima bint Za’ida ibn al-Asam. Her father died in 585 AD. She had two husbands...
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    You Are Never Alone- by Zain Bhikha

    aslamu aleikum i like this nasheed thinx for post it
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    Mosques Around The World

    aslamu aliekum I don;t know sorry.
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    I Sit Here

    aslamu aleikum it is a nice pome thats how i feel too
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    This Is Islam

    aslamu aleikum it is nice mashaallah. thinx
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    Mosques Around The World

    i like the beautiful mosques. so looke at it is nice Wz0JCpmEqgI&NR=1
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    What a Wonderful World

    it is a nice nasheed DcKbr9jdlXg&mode
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    Asma Ul Husna - The 99 Names of Allah, the lord of the Kaba

    it is same nice nasheed Ix0Gc7zqrDM&mode=
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    We are Your servants

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    hijab in school...

    assalam alaikum Sister where i live it is your choice if you went to were or not. i call it freedom of choice. it is up to you to make right choice insha allahaa.:SMILY259: :
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    Why do women cry?

    i love the story it made me cry . it is nice to know that cry comes from the hart :hearts:
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    :salam2: hi i hopeing to learnd more