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  1. najbc

    Do Not Forget To Recite...

    jazakAllah kahiran! can you possible post the Arabic saying?
  2. najbc

    Initiating a good deed is a matter of choice, but seeing it through is obligatory. ~Imam Ali (a)

    Initiating a good deed is a matter of choice, but seeing it through is obligatory. ~Imam Ali (a)
  3. najbc

    haven't been online for w while, the new webpage is not user friendly i tell u.

    haven't been online for w while, the new webpage is not user friendly i tell u.
  4. najbc


    I want a a Arabic country, so learning the Arabic language would be easier. I really don't want to have to learn another language besides arabic in order to live in the country or learn at the university. I have learn so far there is a good university in cairo. I was think a good university...
  5. najbc


    :salam2: Any advice as how a unmarried girl can find a good Muslim country with great university to study at and hopeful use her nursing degree at? I would appreciate of any list of universities/countries, oh and she doesn't speak arabic. :jazaak:
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    waalikumassalam rahmat ullahi wa barkatuh, Not an expert, however here is my problem with the list. problem 1. as you grow old- your looks are the first things to disappear ( imagine my surprise in school when i learn that and saw it in life) problem 2. rich- with the way the economy is...
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    I Need Help... plz help me... plz

    English is not everyone's first language,not everyone is a English major, so relax. I guess i should have email them instead. This is one thing i miss about the old turntoislam. Dont get me wrong, Mash'allah the site was improve tremendously and benefit millions. you should add think before you...
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    I Need Help... plz help me... plz

    assalam alkium, i was reading my old posts/threads and all, i can came upon this. I am just curious as how everything turn out for u, weird i know. just wondering :).
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    what do you call a pants with long shirt that comes to knees? This has being an issue or rather discussion that has been going on for so long in our Muslims communities, i have seen sheikhs said that opposites but i do not know. my thing is whatever this person wear is between them and Allah. I...
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    Seeking your wisdom and help

    :salam2: You are right Aapa, but the thing is i don’t really know any sister who is available and willing to help me out. I recently registered with learnquaran web, the teacher is a female and I am meeting her on weekend, however the session is only 30 minutes and I feel like that is not...
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    Seeking your wisdom and help

    :salam2: I was browsing around the internet trying to find a good website or place to read more about Islam other than the Quran however, I couldn’t find anything. I read the Quran and i don’t understanding the mean even I thought I read the English translation it does not feel same...
  12. najbc

    I called 911 on my abusive dad, now what should I do?

    :salam2: When I said this I don’t know nor claim to understand your situation or related. However, at the end of the day he is your dad and if all he is doing is yelling at you, you shouldn’t complain. Breathe in and thank Allah you still have a roof over your head, you have food, a shelter and...
  13. najbc

    Black dresses?

    Assalaam walaikum, very funny, i am hoping your sense of humor got the best of you. i am a Muslim girl and i believe every girl has got to have thee black dress ,scarf, shoes and everything. If wearing all blacks means I might commit a crime, i am guilty as charge. This comes back to the...
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    CONGRATS!!, good luck sis i am current in it, it is very challenging but you can do it. good luck!!
  15. najbc

    How do you deal with your parents?

    as I am reading your story, I picture atypical westernized teenage that does not understand their parents from another culture ( believe me being there ), believe me when i say one day you will wake up realize why your parents do what they do, how this is their way of showing that they care...
  16. najbc

    What is your favorite verse of the Quran?

    :salam2: very interesting!
  17. najbc

    Stop calling me sister

    me too, i get call brother, and i never correct anyone but i really dont care much for some reason. i think it is good idea when the people who are reading your post dont know your gender
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    Is it right to post personal stories here?

    salam bro, wallah as i was reading your story with the exam, i totally understand because i have the same problem, it sucks when i study so hard and i make a mistake. or my people i know didnt study as hard as i did, do better than me. however, i have always find a lot to make sure i pray...
  19. najbc

    Innocence in those eyes

    what does it say on her head? seruously people need to stop using kids to get their messages, hatred. kids are innocent, please let them have their innocentes while they still have it, she looks very sad
  20. najbc

    Unwelcomed Guest

    OMG it is very funny, hands down funny!!!!!!!