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  1. dianne

    help - Amirul Mukminin

    Assalamualaikum, I need an answer due to my research about Amirul Mukminin based on fact,hadith.i try to find it some in the books,internet but i doest help me much.please help me! May Allah swt grant you for answering me. wassalamualaikum
  2. dianne

    How to contact Al-azhar

    Al Tantawi - Rest in peace! May Allah swt grant you jannah
  3. dianne

    Hey I'm new here

    hi im from Malaysia,i ever been to oregon year 2002
  4. dianne

    Salam Maal Hijrah 1431

    tomorrow is new year 1431 of hijrah,awal muharram today is the last year 30th of the month
  5. dianne

    Salam Maal Hijrah 1431

    Salam to all,may this new year will gain more a knowledge of Islam
  6. dianne

    Michael Jackson Passed Away!

  7. dianne


    Assalamualaikum sister, May Allah swt bless you & family with good health & for all brother,sister on tti. wassalamualaikum
  8. dianne

    Please Clarify Me for this - Muslim break taboo to allow guide dog

    Source - A RETRIEVER is in training to become the first dog in Britain to be permitted to enter a mosque, acting as a guide for its blind Muslim owner. The animal has been chosen because it salivates less than...
  9. dianne

    1,132 Palestinians killed???

    amin yarabbul alamin
  10. dianne

    1,132 Palestinians killed???

    :( so saddd
  11. dianne

    Child victims of Gaza

    astagfirullahaladzim :(
  12. dianne

    1,132 Palestinians killed???

    :astag: GAZA (Reuters) - Israel said its Gaza offensive could be "in the final act" on Friday and sent envoys to discuss truce terms after Hamas made a ceasefire offer to end three weeks of fighting that has killed more than 1,100 Palestinians. Source -...
  13. dianne

    Inauguration Day for Obama

    U should out of this, this is our efforts to so somethings for Gaza,20th is the right date to be.i know im too far to do so but im agree with all this matter,if it still doesnt change at least we do something for Gaza. How could you see more bloods in Palestine,how many our family in Palestine...
  14. dianne

    Muslims Drinking beer can lead to caning in Malaysia

    Allahu akhbar! Allahu akhbar! Allahu akhbar!
  15. dianne


    48dies in school:astag:
  16. dianne


    we need to boycott the products of israeli as soon as possible,here in my country already start to boycott!
  17. dianne

    Israeli Jews Enjoying the War

    im speechless!!!! all i want to say is - Allahu Akhbar! Allahu Akhbar! Allahu Akhbar!
  18. dianne


    salam brother & sister, yesterday when i was perform solat maghrib,my mind just imagining everything happens in palestine,until i forgot what rakkaat that i perform,astagfirullah,i feel so saddd my tears easy to come out unrealised.may Allah swt forgive me.