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    ~~~My beloved beard~~~

    another master piece by sister asja. She has doing a great job mashALLAH.
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    Working in a non-Muslim country

    r u in UK rright now brother said?
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    <<<<<Eid Mubarak!!!!!>>>>>>

    lol.. wat a nice second card ..
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    Pakistan Flood Appeal

    this job is half done brother korai It will be fully done when money gets into the hands of deserved persons. This is the most hardest part and usually never gets completed
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    Pakistan Flood: HAARP Used in Pakistan?

    i absolutely love this article. What an insight!
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    Do Not Marry 7 Types of Women...

    i think all women nowadays have all such QUALITIES.. whome to marry then? perhaps better as being single ? at least no one to check u if u come late :D
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    Salam aleykum

    welcome back sister :)(
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    A Distrubing PM

    His wife was not upset. At least this is not written in PM which I have got. His wife follows the same aqeedah , which is mentioned at TTS @shyhijabi: If he wouldnot have knowledge, he wud not have been bizarre of the stuff which has happened here now and many times before. REgarding sahi...
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    A Distrubing PM

    what exactly is the PM about? i have got one as well... as sister shy hijabi said, we need to have different view of that perhaps?
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    Married VS Single Survey

    only 1 has told us if she was married or not .. wow :)
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    there is not disagreement over the garment below ankles. Its HARAM to let ur garmenet , which is coming from top, to fall below ur ankles
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    Where are they?

    u r too aged to get married now:P congrats sister! :)
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    loosing my religion

    no u r not going to enter Jahannum as long as u realize taht ur doing wrong. U wil improve soon inshALLAH.. Dont worry, every one is here to help you wat ever help you want. Dont stay alone and dont feel alone. All will good soon inshALLAH
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    flood in pakistan

    Brother, i m well and there are in trouble, it doesnt mean im pious and they are bad. I am talking about them as a whole nation, rather than individuals. i am the worst person among all muslims. You should read the stroeis before and after earth quake of 2006 (or 2008) in pakistan. How the...
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    flood in pakistan

    :) I wonder if muslims were ever united after 1929? Only praying wont help. We need to get our actions right as well. We are doing half of the act.
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    flood in pakistan

    Pakistan has been in flood from top to bottom in the map. Still they are not getting their heads back, like they did after earth quake. ALLAH is angry with this nation but they dont understand I want flood in posh areas of karachi as well including aarmy, navy and airforce areas.
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    Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih and where he learn from?

    very interesting thread.. u need to research more about him instead of asking questions here.. no one knows about him. Many of us might not know his name even
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    Memory Enhancers: top 10 foods!

    yes!!!! thanks a lot.. i will have those from now on.. i feel like having lack of concentration i hope wat u have written will help me U better use it as well . U will need it shortly from novemeber :D
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    Abul A'la Al Muaududi

    "Its sad that in almost all mosques in Pakistan and probably India there are books of His all across the book shelfs." Utterly wrong statement this. only a few mosques have them. only abt 3% of them. Have u ever been to pakistan? It seems that u havent. By reading ur previous posts I can guess...