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  1. anisafatima

    Learn to recite Quran along with Meaning

    The word Qunoot literals meaning is obedience and hence the complete Dua-e-Qunoot become the words of obedience. This is the Dua from Quran that we Muslims need to utter daily in our witr prayer. To teach your kids about Dua you can download an Islamic application designed by
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    Add Blessing in Your Life with Islamic Duas

    Kids Dua Now is an application that features number of Duas regarding daily tasks performed by kids of numerous age groups. App is divided into three categories ranges form age 1 to 12 in total and available with beautiful color combinations that appeal kids towards Learning. The particular...
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    Surah for Kid with Smartphone Application

    Ayatul Kursi is one of the greatest Surahs of Quran said by Prophet Muhammad PBUH. it contains numerous details regarding attributes of Allah SWT and thus known as verse of the Throne. The particular application is a combination of two different patterns of learning the word by word Surah and...
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    Quran and Last Ten Surahs – A Great Start to Begin with

    Quran is a divine book of knowledge that is a great guidance for Muslims regarding this world and also for the life hereafter. It is a combination of different chapters and each chapter occupies numerous verses, Every Surah ends up with great conclusions that directs an human mind to explore...
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    Islamic Calendar for Muslim Ummah – A Smartphone Application

    Calendars are the way to help people in keeping track of different important events of life either personal or religious. It give you details about what day and date of the month it is along with different phases of the moon. Islamic calendar is a beautiful Smartphone application with a...
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    Interesting NAFL PRAYERS IN SHAB-E-BARAAT - Night of Salvation [MUST READ]

    nice description on shabe barat. I searched this topic last sunday, many of the websites says that this is a controversial subject untill i found a usefull source with references. here i must share it with you people.
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    Forty-two Important Sayings of Prophet PBUH: Hadith Nawawi Mobile App

    Hadith Nawawi mobile app is developed by contains the forty-two sayings of Prophet PBUH. These hadith are related to daily life routine and about muslims faith. It is necessary for every muslim to learn these ahidhts. Hadith Nawawi Android App | Hadith Nawawi iPhone App...
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    Easy to Learn and Remember last 20 Surahs of Quran: Interactive Mobile App

    The Holy Prophet said:“ The best of you is he who learnt the Holy Quran and taught it to others (Bukhari).”with the advancement in technology many islamic mobile are developed for muslims to get islmic education. Last 20 surahs mobile app is one of the and developed by and is...
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    Allahu Akbar! Amazing story: Professor embraced Islam after an exhaustive period of scholarly investigation

    Great to hear the story of a newly converted Muslim, Islam is a religion of peace and a complete code of life. Due to war against terror and western media who present negative picture of Islam. All non believers must study about Islam before making any misconception about Islam, they should...
  10. anisafatima

    Hifdh tips required

    W Allaikum Salam Brother. Ma Sha Allah. I appreciate your cause about Memorizing Quran . May Allah help you in order to properly memorize the Quran in the right way and then help you in order to act upon the guidance given by Allah the Almighty.... You have asked about the tips. Amir brother...
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    6 Kalma of Islam – A Mobile Application to Enhance Your Faith

    Islam is the active submission of an individual to His Lord, Allah. It is a monotheistic religion means, there is no God, but Allah, and He is the superior power. He owns everything, whatever lies in our surroundings. The acceptations of this huge concept lie in small verse known Kalma. A true...
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    daily hadith

    Salam, JazakAllah it is well said and true representation of every society. My point is how we can change our criteria about liking and disliking a person.
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    Remembrance Of Allah SWT

    Salam, this post is very sound from spiritual point of view. It is a saying that if a heart has no remembrance of Allah Almighty (SWT) then there is nothing in it and if it is then it is rich by all means.
  14. anisafatima

    Article The beauty of Istighfar

    Salam, it is a nice attempt to deliver the spirituality of Islam. Islam is not spread by itself but it was the true and hardworking devotion of pious people who preached and presented true picture of Islam. May Allah Almighty guide us for doing righteous Istighfar Amin.
  15. anisafatima

    Remembrance Of Allah SWT

    “And he said: Lo! I have preferred the good things (of the world) to the remembrance of my Lord; till they were taken out of sight behind the curtain.” (38 Surat Suaad . Aayat32)
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    Importance and Respect for Ramadan

    Holy month of Ramadan is the ninth month of lunar calendar. In this month Muslims observe fasting throughout the whole month with a duration of Fajr to Maghrib. Although fasting in this month is religiously obligatory, but apart from religious factor Ramadan is beneficial for physical health...
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    28 Most common questions about Islam and Muslims

    Salam, MashAllah the post is well writen but I would like to add in the Answer of Question 1 "What is Islam?" it will be wise if we also emphasize upon the oneness of Allah Almighty (SWT). Thanks JazakAllah.
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    What Religion Islam Speaks About?

    Although Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) has died but he has left mankind with his teachings and blessings that are present in the form of Quran and Sunnah. He has also stressed on mankind to strongly hold onto the Farewell speeches in the valley of Arafat. If people hold on to the teachings of last...
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    “Islamic Memory” a game to test your mental sharpness

    Islamic Memory is a game to test your mental ability to memorize. Download Islamic Memory
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    What is Major Shirk?

    Salam it is a nice post. JazakAllah.. Say you, He is Allah, the one. Allah the Independent, Care free. He begot none' nor was He begotten. And nor anyone is equal to Him. (Holy Qur'an 112:1-4)